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Welcome to the: "RARE and SCARCE Houdini Section - Part Two" WebPage.

Below you'll find even MORE Houdini items to choose from.

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This poster was purchased, when they were first released, back in 1991 - now a whopping 25years ago.

Limited to only 500, the one offered here is a VERY LOW number: #36.

The poster has been professionally double matted and framed.

The frame is metal and is color coordinated with one of the colors in the poster.

Same with the double matting - the color of the matts selected/matched to the colors in the poster.

The imagine size is 21 1/2"x31 1/2"

The overall frame measures 28 1/4"x38" - $475.00/(free insured shipping within the USA)


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When put together, according to the box, this measures 19"x27".

A pretty good size puzzle.

As the photo below shows, the puzzle image is the Famous 1906 Houdini Poster.

Due to the box being unopened and in its original/unwrapped shrink wrap, the photos look a little washed out.

Distributed by Selchow & Righter. No date is given.

Makes a nice companion piece to the poster, above. - $45.00



Two First Editions: The British Edition -and- The American Edition.

Each HardBound with DustJacket.

Besides the usual items found in Houdini Biographies, Ruth Brandon explains, in detail, the secrets of Houdini’s most celebrated escapes, but, more importantly, she asks, "What was Houdini really trying to escape from?".

Searching for the answer, she reveals a man far more extraordinary than any audience could have imagined.

As the books states:

"Ruth Brandon reveals much that is new - including how Houdini invented a phantom son and wrote daily long letters to his wife, Bess. Also, the first full description of Houdini’s fabled death; and fresh material on the early life of Margery, the Medium who played such a significant role in Houdini’s life.

Chapters include:

The Manacled Diver - Rabbits from a Hat - Metamorphosis - Aaron’s Rod - Two Ladies - Freaks - Handcuff King - With One Bound He Was Free - The Disappearing Fathers Trick - All in the Mind - The Death and Resurrection Show - The Lady Vanishes - Film Star - Merlin’s Cave - Magician Among the Spirits - Margery - Inside the Coffin - Houdini Lives!

55 photos, some of which you wouldn’t normally see in a Houdini biography.

a) British Edition. Copyright 1993.

Published by Secker and Warburg in London. 338 pages.


On the free end page is a sticker label with Ruth Brandon's signature. I purchased this book from Frank Koval, who brought it over from England. Later, Frank had Ms. Brandon sign the sticker and then Frank mailed this to me separately.

The "Acknowledgements" page is signed by the following:

Frank Dailey
Frank Koval
Jay Marshall
Morris N. Young, MD
Elaine Lund
Sidney H. Radner
Charles Reynolds
Eddie Dawes
Patrick Culliton

Book measures approx. 6 1/2"x9 1/2" - $150.00


b) U.S. Edition. Copyright 1993.

Published by Random House in New York. 358 pages.


The "Acknowledgements" page is signed by the following:

Frank Dailey
Jay Marshall
Elaine Lund
Sidney H. Radner
Charles Reynolds
Eddie Dawes
Patrick Culliton

Book measures approx. 6 1/2"x9 1/2" - $125.00


4344-7265)  Houdini’s Texas Tours - 1916 & 1923 by Ron Cartlidge

This HardBound book, with Beautiful DustJacket, was written by Texas’ own: Ron Cartlidge.

Printed by Capital Printing Co., Inc. of Austin, Texas.

119 pages with some NEVER BEFORE SEEN photographs and illustrations of Houdini performing in and around the Great State of Texas.

The book was Privately Published by the author.

Total production was a mere 700 copies. 648 copies of what Ron likes to call the "First Editions" -and- 52 "Special Editions".

Needless to say, the Special Editions sold out quickly.

If you’ve followed the other books on Houdini, then you already know, you won’t find hardly anything having to do with the two tours Houdini made in Texas. Making this a Wonderful, New and Fascinating area to explore - and that’s just what the author, Ron Cartlidge, has done.

As the author puts it:

"Houdini’s two trips to Texas are covered in detail. The names of Texas citizens who assisted Houdini or challenged him are here, as well as the names of the cities that were lucky enough to host him. This book is not only for the magic historian but will be of interest to the general public as Houdini’s life is covered from beginning to end".

"Houdini’s tours of Texas include numerous challenges from the citizenry of Texas. There were also the escapes from straight jackets while hanging up-side down from tall buildings. Houdini enjoyed frequent visits to civic clubs, radio stations, and other groups to discuss Spiritualism and his life in magic".

"Houdini made a prediction on the outcome of the annual Texas-TexasA&M football battle. He called San Antonians remarkable, when 12,000 turned out in cold weather for a Houdini "hanging" and said, "The Deputy Sheriffs of Bexar County had the strongest arms of any men I’ve ever met".

Chapters include:

One: Houdini’s Life Before Texas
Two: 1916 - Fort Worth
Three: 1916 - Dallas
Four: 1916 - Houston
Five: 1916 - San Antonio
Six: 1916 - Austin
Seven: 1916 - Dallas
Eight: 1923 - Houston
Nine: 1923 - Galveston
Ten: 1923 - San Antonio
Eleven: 1923 - Austin
Twelve: 1923 - Fort Worth
Thirteen: Houdini’s Death and Funeral
Fourteen: Escapes and Challenges in Texas & Houdini Time-Line
Fifteen: Postscripts 2002

This is followed by the Bibliography and a detailed listing of the 41 photographs scattered through out the book.

As mentioned earlier, this is Great reading in an area of Houdini’s life, which the other Houdini biographers, simply didn’t have the space and time to research.


I am offering, here, the Numbered and Signed "SPECIAL EDITION": #13 of 52

GREAT inscription, by Mr. Cartlidge inside. - $150.00




The letter (which shows his New York address)  is dated April 4th, 1945 and is on Hardeen's stationery in which he states he is: 'The Master Illusionist" -and- "Successor to his famous brother HOUDINI".

Hardeen would pass away, only a couple months later, on June 12th.

The letter is to Mr. Otto J. Regling, Hardeen writes:

"Replying to your letter of March 13th, wish to let you know that you can get a swell umbrella trick from Abbott. I have one, but it is not for sale. Have a nice Fish Bowl production from which you can produce a 14" fish bowl and at the same movement produce a large pot of flowers. Price complete with table $35.00. Have a couple foulards of Houdini's at five dollars each. Also a nice small gallows trick. Perhaps some day you may be able to come and see me at my home (by appointment) and then I could show you some of Houdini's belongings. Best wishes, I am Sincerely yours".

And it's signed "Hardeen" with "Theo. Hardeen" typed beneath this.

Letter measures approx. 8 1/2"x11" and while there is some chipping along the edges, none of the printed area is missing.

The letter is framed, along with a great Original photo of Hardeen, seated, wearing a suit, 3/4 face pose.

Photo is stamped: "Proof, Mitchell Galleries, 1500 B'way, NY".

This oversized photo measures approx. 9 3/4"x12 3/4".

There is a vertical crease, in the photo, 1 1/2" from the right border. This only goes through Hardeen's coat jacket, just up from his right wrist.

Letter and photo have been professionally matted with a beautiful museum quality frame. Over all size of the frame is approx. 22 1/2"x31 1/2" - $1,500.00


4327-4367) THE UNMASKING OF ROBERT-HOUDIN by Harry Houdini

London, George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, 1909.

Chestnut brown cloth pictorial hardcover with black lettering on the front cover and gold gilt titles on the spine, heavy stock paper. The spine has a bust or cameo of Houdin.

Prior to the contents page, there's a two page Addenda and Corrigenda to the writings of Mr. H. Evans by the author.

The book has a ding or two; a small chip on the edge of the spine -and- a small tear at the bottom of the spine.

Please refer to the photos, below, to see how it's actually in really great condition for being 107 years old.

There are five pages listing the approximately 225 illustrations.

333 pages which includes a full index.

Contents include:

The Significant Events in the Life of Robert-Houdin; The Orange-Tree Trick; The Writing and Drawing Figure; The Pastry Cook of the Palais Royal; The Obedient Cards---The Cabalistic Clock---The Trapeze Automation; The Inexhaustible Bottle; Second Sight; The Suspension Trick; The Disappearing Handkerchief; Robert-Houdin’s Ignorance of Magic as Betrayed By His Own Pen; The Narrowness of Robert-Houdin’s "Memoirs".

The book is HardBound and measures approx. 5 3/4"x8"

On the title page is a label for E.P. Dutton & Company of New York. It states "Published By", but the book was actually published, in 1909, by George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, London, England. I'm guessing Dutton was the distributor for copies to sold in the United States.

This is an Extremely Scarce book - $500.00 (Sorry, this book has sold)




1@$45.00 and 3 @ $25.00each -or- take all four deals for $100.00

4173-6570)  HOUDINI DEAL #1

10 HOUDINI...and Beyond Posters - 20+ Years Ago, Award Winning Artist, Diane K. Sparks (no relation), did an Original painting of Houdini. From the Original, this poster was produced. The image area measures 21 1/2"x27 1/2". The overall poster measures 24"x36", which leaves plenty of boarder area - should you wish to have the poster framed. Poster is on a glossy paper stock with fade resistant ink. The words: "Harry Houdini Poster" are only super imposed for this listing and isn't on the actual poster itself. The Print shows Houdini bound in chains, while a ghostly image of his Mother looks on: from Beyond.

This is a great buy for those of you who like to set up at your local "Magic Club Flea Market" -or- "Magic Club Annual Auction" -or- Giveaway's for your Magic Club meeting.

Houdini Lot #1 - $45.00/for 10 posters

4174-8555)  HOUDINI DEAL #2

(a) Clipped out Houdini Magazine Photo. The magazine photo measures approx. 6"x5 3/4" and has to do with Shelton Pool underwater test on August 5, 1926. The Hindu fakir, Rahman Bey, was getting quite a lot of publicity by demonstrating his powers of producing uncanny effects. He would enter a cataleptic state, then would have himself buried in a coffin for ten minutes to half an hour. He would then receive the attention of scientific men who would write up the "phenomenal feats", of his having mystical powers. Houdini felt the fakir was deceiving the public and said he, HOUDINI, would prove that an ordinary man could do the same thing. So, at age 52, (and not in the best physical condition he had always been through out his life) came the Shelton pool event. Was he nuts? No, he was: HOUDINI!! Houdini was thus sealed in a metal coffin and submerged to the bottom of the Shelton Pool. Assistants had to sit on the coffin, to keep it from rising to the surface. Houdini not only stayed down for an hour, he actually stayed down for one hour, thirty-one minutes and thirty seconds. Thus making the fakir look the fool and getting Houdini all the publicity he could ever want.

(b) Theatre Review Article. The article measures 2 7/8"x10 3/8" and appears to be a review of Houdini's performance at the New York Hippodrome Theatre on November 1, 1918. Houdini vanishes an elephant -and later in the show- Houdini is nailed in a box, placed in a large tank of water and escapes from the box. Neither (a) or (b)  state which publication they were published in.

(c) SECRETs OF THE GREAT HOUDINI by Beryl Williams and Samuel Epstein. Six page (pp102-107) clipped out article from The Catholic Digest, February 1954. Condensed version of the author's book: "The Great Houdini" Measures approx. 5"x7 1/2"

(d) Clipped out Article from ARGOSY Magazine for December 1974. Volume 280, #6 - There are a couple of informative articles about Houdini in this issue. This starts with a nine page article by Bert Randolph Sugar entitled: "THE SECRET LIFE OF HOUDINI". Includes several nice photo’s of Houdini and Houdini Posters. Sugar was also Editor in Chief of the Argosy magazine, at the time this issue was published. Two years later, Sugar went on to co-author the book: "HOUDINI, His Life and Art" with The Amazing Randi. Following this is the three page article: "THE REAL SECRETs BEHIND HOUDINIs TRICKs". This is an "excerpt" from J.C. Cannell’s book "The Secrets of Houdini" "brought to you, the Argosy reader, for the first time in any magazine". Good reading 100 years after Houdini’s birth in 1874.

(e) THE VALLEY SCENE Magazine - Volume 2, #2 - September 1994 - published in Appleton, Wisconsin. Cover shows assorted items from the Houdini Historical Center. Inside the magazine is a full page article by Tom Breuer: HOUDINI - Appleton's most famous native son still draws crowds to his former home town. Measures approx. 11 1/4"x14"

(f) Brochure for the HOUDINI Historical Center in Appleton, Wisconsin.

(g) Brochure for "The Houdini Historic Walking Tour" in Appleton, Wisconsin.

(h) HOUDINI miniPoster. Measures 7 3/4"x15 1/4". In the upper left corner is a canceled Houdini 37cent stamp from 2002.

(i) Brochure for the MAGIC & MOVIE Hall of Fame, located inside O'Sheas Casino, Las Vegas.

(j) Another (Brochure for the MAGIC & MOVIE Hall of Fame, located inside O'Sheas Casino, Las Vegas.)

Houdini Lot #2 - $25.00/for everything

a,b)   c)    d)

e)   f,g,h,i,j)

4176-7999)  HOUDINI DEAL #3

This lot contains programs, playbills, newspaper articles, etc. all having to do with theatrical plays about HOUDINI

(a) Houston Performances Arts and Theatre Magazine, April 1992. The show: "American Vaudeville". A great re-enactment of an evening of Vaudeville with cast members portraying HOUDINI, W.C. Fields, Mae West and so so many more, at the Alley Theatre, Houston, Texas.

(b) Brochure of Ragtime, The Musical. November 19, 1996. Ford Centre for the Performing Arts - Toronto, Canada.

(c) Newspaper advertisement for Ragtime, The Musical. November 19, 1996. 4 1/4"x10 1/2". Ford Centre for the Performing Arts - Toronto, Canada.

(d) Goodspeed Musical brochure advertising the upcoming plays - including Houdini, the Musical from September 24th to December 14th, 1997. East Haddam, Connecticut.

(e) Large PostCard advertising Houdini, the Musical. Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire, Illinois. March 31st thru June 6th 1999.

(f) Newspaper advertising Houdini, the Musical. Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire, Illinois. March 31st thru June 6th 1999. 6"x10 1/4"

(g)(h) Stagebill for Houdini, the Musical. Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire, Illinois. March 31st thru June 6th 1999. (cover and inside)

(i) Full page article, in the Chicago Sun-Times, for Houdini, the Musical. April 2, 1999. 12"x13"

(j) Almost full page article, in the Chicago Sun-Times, for Houdini, the Musical. April 9, 1999. 7"x12 1/2" (actual size of Houdini article)

(k) 9"x4 1/2" article, in the Chicago Tribune, for Houdini, the Musical. April 9, 1999.

(l) Playbill, The Opera House Manchester, England. Volume 1, #7, October 1966. October 22, and running two weeks, MAN (Houdini) OF MAGIC production with Stuart Damon, Judith Bruce, Stubby Kaye (and many more). This playbill has a total of seven pages devoted to the Houdini play. Outlining those appearing, synopsis of the scenes, bio's on all the players, etc.

Houdini Lot #4 - $25.00/for everything


b,c)  d)  e,f,g,h)

i)  j) k)  l)

4203-1328) Reproduction DustJackets/Covers For HOUDINI Books

Do you have a nice (or even not so nice) edition of some Houdini book, but lack the original DustJacket or cover?

Well, how about a nice reproduction, till you find the original?

The book will certainly look better, on your bookshelf, than it does now.

Many years back, some of my customers asked to purchase a repro DJ and I did this for a short while, but then stopped.

I've been using those, I have left, as bonus/giveaway's, when I'd have a Houdini book for sale and it was lacking the original DJ.

Now that I'm retired and no longer a buyer, I thought I'd offer my remaining repro DJs to my customer base.

These repro's were made, a while back, from the Original DustJackets, I had in my personal collection, but have now been sold.

These repro's were made on high quality laser color professional copiers. Not a home copier.

Originally each repro DJ consisted of two pages (left/right sides of the DJ, from middle to end), which have been trimmed, followed by carefully matching the two pieces together, then taped in place.

These will be shipped flat and you place them on your book, matching up the spine, then folding the ends inside the front/back covers to keep it in place - just like you would a regular DJ.

Quantities are limited and I will list how many of each are available, in case you need an extra or want to use one as a gift -and- surprise a friend.

Those available are:

(a) THE MASTER MYSTERY. Houdini's 1919 movie, which also had a photoplay hardbound book issued. One such copy (with original DJ) just sold on Ebay for a little over $500.00. Measures approx. 16 1/4"x7 1/2" - 5 4 3 2 available @ $15.00each

(b) HOUDINIs/MARGERY Expose'. The first edition was published in 1924. Since this book was more like a pamphlet, this particular cover would just be folded in half and placed around your copy. Measures approx. 11 7/8"x9" - 5 4 3 available @ $10.00each

(c) HOUDINIs PAPER MAGIC. The first edition was published in 1922. Measures approx. 18 1/2"x7 1/2" - 5 4 3  2available @ $15.00each

(d) HOUDINIs PAPER MAGIC. States 5th printing, which would have published in December 1941. Measures approx. 18 1/2"x7 5/8" - 5 4  3 available @ $10.00each

(e) HOUDINIs MAGIC by Walter B. Gibson. The first edition was published in 1932. Measures approx. 19 3/4"x8" - 3 2 1 available @ $10.00each

(f) HOUDINIS LIFE STORY by Harold Kellock. This first edition was published in 1928. Measures approx. 20 5/8"x8 3/4" - 5 4 3  2 available @ $15.00each

(g) HOUDINIS LIFE STORY by Harold Kellock. I'm not sure which edition, this DJ came from. Measures approx. 19"x8 1/8" -  4  3 available @ $10.00each

If you purchase three or more of these, I'll give you a 20% discount on the order.

Once these are all sold and gone - I'm out!!

(a) (b)

(c) (d)


(f) (g)

4321-2695) HOUDINI...and Beyond. An Extremely Limited Art Print.

24 Years Ago, Award Winning Artist, Diane K. Sparks (no relation), did an Original painting of Houdini.

From this Original, a Limited Edition of Quality Art Prints were made.

Along the bottom white border, each print was Hand Numbered, Titled and Signed by the Artist.

The Art Print measures 22”x28” on 65lb, Acid Free, THICK Cover Paper with fade resistant ink.

The Print shows Houdini bound in chains, while a ghostly image of his Mother looks on: from Beyond. - $50.00


4322-3274) AMERICAN FILM MAGAZINE, Volume 3, #6 April 1978.

Inside article:

"THE MAGICIAN and the MOVIES" by Erik Barnouw.

Before Mr. Barnouw published his 128 page, hardbound book by almost the same name ("The Magician and the Cinema"), he wrote a smaller version, of the topic, for the American Film Magazine.

Like the book, this Lead-in article discusses the extensive role Magicians played in the evolution of cinema. Magicians created the “trick film”, which laid the foundation for the special effects of modern cinema.

This article shows what Magicians were doing with moving images, magic lanterns, etc. long before the motion pictures.

As a nice bonus, the magazine has a Great Cover shot of Houdini’s Rare Poster from his 15-part Silent Movie Serial THE MASTER MYSTERY. - $20.00



Music by Peter Schat and text by Adrian Mitchell.

An Original 3-record box ‘LP’ set of records from this 1977 production performed (in English) in Amsterdam.

Jerold Norman played Houdini. Howard Peters was the Escapologist. Stage sets were by Floris Guntenaar. Costumes by Leonie Polak. Directed by Donya Feuel.

This is a Live recording, of the first performance, by the Netherlands Opera Foundation.

This 3-record box set is in NearMint Condition and Unused. A little fading, to the outside cover, on left side.

Truly a SCARCE recording. - $50.00


Original Near-MINT Condition Poster

For you Houdini and Magic Poster Collector's, I am offering a VERY SCARCE item. This Poster is from Amsterdam.

In 1977 "HOUDINI, A Circus Opera" debuted in Amsterdam, Holland. It also had performances in Aspen, Colorado(1979) - then again back in Amsterdam (1981). Jerold Norman played HOUDINI for all the productions. Howard Peters played the Escapologist for the 1977 production, then Mark Mazzarella played the Escapologist for the 1979 and 1981 productions.

The Striking image of Houdini, used for the Poster, came from an Original Painting by the Set Director, Floris Guntenaar.

The original painting measured a Massive 8'x13' (that's feet, not inches) and valued at over $12,000.00

The photo, below, shows the approx. 31"x65" Poster, which was used to advertise the Houdini Opera.

This is the Original Poster, not a reproduction.

Originally purchased, years ago, from Floris Guntenaar.

How nice would this look hanging on your wall?!! - $75.00

(Or, purchase both the poster and LP recording, for the package deal of $100.00.)
Due to these having to be shipped separately - s/h would be $25.00 within the USA.

4290-9548) MAGIC MAGAZINE for November 1993.  Volume 3, #3. From cover to cover a total of 76pages.

Articles inside include:

Jay Owenhouse: Magic on the Road. He has created a unique combination of magic and business; a combination which grosses over $1 million annually. Here's how he does it. (cover photo also)

Orson Welles & Casino Royale. David Berglas and Ali Bongo reminisce about the making of the 1967 James Bond spoof, the magic scenes that made it, and those that didn't.

Batman Meets Houdini. A few months ago, we tipped you off to an upcoming D.C. Comic that joined the forces of Harry Houdini and Batman. Well, The Devil's Workshop is out, and it's not for the squeamish or sensitive.

Advertising and Magic. With more and more magic advertising appearing, it seems appropriate to analyze just how good (or bad) magic ads are. We went to the expert, Michael Diliberto, to give us the basics, plus a few examples of how he would do things differently.

Flim-Flam. Our resident scam-man, Bob Farmer, has come up with something that has all the features of "Three Card Monte" and "The Shell Game", but it's much easier to learn and, in some cases, you can even eat the evidence.

Somewhere within these pages, you'll also find my 'first' Full Page color adv. for the Limited Edition Houdini print I offer for sale. That should make you want to buy the magazine PERIOD. Ha!! - $10.00


4291-1648) GENII MAGAZINE for October 1992. Volume 55, #12.

From cover to cover a total of 70pages.

Starts off with "New Zealand Magic From Down Under". Compiled by Alan Watson.  Effects include: Restaurant Cake Production - Mathman's Prophetic Card - Plain Old Fun - Kid Show Bits & Pieces - My Lucky Rabbits - Balloon Animals - Zealando's Ambitious Card - The Hot Video - Chicane's Two Second Coin Load - The Vanishing Shrinking Table Napkin - Comedy Dove From Balloon - Inverto Bottles.

"Magic Section" is next with: Thought Suggestion - Black & White Illusion (illusion plans) - New Jugs For Old - The Body Swap Illusion.

Next is "Featured Articles": Dai Vernon Memoriam - Magicana - Secret Cabaret Live - Under The Banyan Tree - Velvet Mandrake - Fulminations.

Somewhere within these pages, you'll also find my 'first' Full Page color adv. for the Limited Edition Houdini print I offer for sale. That should make you want to buy the magazine PERIOD. Ha!! - $10.00


4292-3579) MAGIC. Vol. 5, #4. October 1995

Nice color portrait of Bess Houdini on the Cover with caption “Bess Houdini, Did the woman behind the legend create the Myth?”. Several articles in this issue by David Charvet. On page 54, a four page article entitled, “Beatrice Houdini”. - On page 58, a six page article entitled, “Edward Saint”. - On page 64, a two page article, “Houdini, the film that perpetuated the Legend”. - And on page 67, a four page article, “‘Bess’ Speaks, Janet Leigh talks about the making of ‘Houdini’”.

A Jammed Packed Issue full of great articles and tons of photo’s (some not published for a long time).

And, can you believe it - there's another adv. for my Houdini Poster!! - $12.50


LayAway is available, just email for details.


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