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Welcome to the: "Magic In The Movies Section" .

Below you'll find quite an assortment of material having to do with Magic which has appeared on TV, Movies, etc.

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>>>This 1961 film was a composite feature about the films of the Silent Era, of which one of Houdini’s movies: "The Man From Beyond" was showcased.

Below are various Scarce Items, from this movies release -now- 52 Years Ago.<<<


Individually priced (as shown in parenthesis next to each item), the total is $370.00
We'll make this a package deal of: $200.00


1-sheet poster (27"x41"). Houdini’s name in the credits, but no scene from his part of the movie. Excellent to Near Mint in condition. 1-sheet posters are the Most Desirable of poster collecting, due to their excellent size for framing and hanging on the wall. - ($35.00)



3-Sheet Poster (41"x81"). Comes in two sections. One measures 27"x41" and the other 54"x41". Houdini’s name is in the credits, plus the Niagara Falls scene where Houdini is holding the woman in his arms, while in the water - just after saving her, from going over the Falls. - ($75.00)



Insert (or Panel) Poster (14"x36"). Along with the movie 1-sheet, this is probably the Second Most Collectible Size. Looking Great when matted and Framed. Houdini’s name in the credits, plus the Niagara Falls scene where Houdini is holding the woman in his arms, while in the water - just after saving her, from going over the Falls. Most posters of this nature come folded, but this one was rolled all these 50 years and in Great Condition - ($75.00)



Assorted Movie Lobby Cards

This 1961 film was a composite feature about the films of the Silent Era, of which one of Houdini’s movies: "The Man From Beyond" was showcased.

Almost a full Set of American Movie Lobby Cards.

There were a total of eight Lobby Cards released for this movie, each showing a different Silent Film Star.

What's offered here are six of the eight.

All Lobby Cards measure 11”x14”.

Houdini’s name is shown in the Credits, on the left side, of ALL the Lobby Cards.

Click on the thumbnail photo's, below, for a better view of these Wonderful Lobby Cards. - ($15.00each)


Window Card Poster (14"x22"). Houdini’s name in the credits, but no scene from his part of the movie. Most Window Cards come folded, this one isn’t and is in Near Mint Condition. - ($25.00)



Lobby Card (12 ˝"x16 ˝") from Mexico.

Houdini's name is in the credits, plus the scene where Houdini is hanging off the edge of a cliff.

Now's there's Saturday afternoon MovieSerial drama for you.

Where else can you buy an Original Houdini Lobby Card for under $2,000?!!
- ($25.00)




Measures 13"x16 1/2" and contains six Large pages of advertising material, which the theatre's would use to advertise the movie in the Newspapers, etc.

PAGE ONE: the "Synopsis" of the film; what the 40"x60" poster looks like; the 'cast' and 'credits'.

PAGE TWO: an assortment of line drawings and photos to be used in the 'adv. campaign'.

PAGE THREE: an assortment of "teaser ads" and several photos from the movie, with captions beneath each. Of the seven photos, two are of Houdini. (1) "Houdini, The Cliff Hanger", and shows just that - Houdini hanging off a cliff -and- (2) "Saved From Niagara". This photo shows Houdini in the water, with a woman in his arms. As if he'd just saved her.

PAGE FOUR: has several close up photo's of the various stars and more art work from various scenes.

PAGE FIVE: contains various articles, which would be used as "Publicity." One article is on Houdini: "Houdini Thrills Anew In Long Lost Films."

PAGE SIX: shows what the various Posters and Lobby Cards look like.

Outside of being folded in half, this PressBook looks as new as the day it was printed, some 51 years ago - ($45.00)


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4016-4724) THE GEISHA BOY starring Jerry Lewis

This is a 14”x36” poster (called a Panel or Insert Poster).

The Great Wooley (Jerry Lewis) is a magician who is entertaining GIs in Japan. Upon their arrival he causes a series of unfortunate mishaps for the headliner, actress Lola Livingston (Marie McDonald), including knocking her down a flight of stairs and rolling her up in the red carpet. An orphan, Mitsuo Watanabe (Robert Hirano) witnesses the spectacle and laughs for the first time since his parents died. When his aunt Kimi Sikita (Nobu McCarthy) brings the boy to Wooley to thank him, he and the boy become close, which irritates the aunt's boyfriend, a Japanese baseball player, as well as a stewardess (Suzanne Pleshette) who has fallen for Wooley.

Wooley continues to perform his act to large audiences in Japan, and not wanting to disappoint the boy by letting him find out that he is an unknown performer in the U.S., he tries to sneak away when it is time for him to return to America. The boy follows him, and Wooley must pretend that he no longer cares for the boy, which makes him cry. However, he still follows him to America by stowing away on the plane. Once in America, they are reunited and Wooley becomes a successful performer in America.

Top portion shows Lewis’ name and title of movie. Middle portion shows Lewis, seated, eating with chop sticks. To the left of this is the female star (Sessue Hayakawa). To the right, the boy star. Under this are cast and credits. The bottom portion shows Lewis (in full tux) holding a rabbit. As though he had just pulled it out of the top hat, which is on the table next to him. Scene also shows the female and boy stars in their assistant costumes.

Poster is folded into quarters, as most All Posters of this size come.  After folding, the poster becomes almost the size of the Lobby Cards (11x14) and could be shipped off, with the film, to the next movie theatre. The folds are a little washed out in the photos below.

Only the 4th of these I've EVER had to offer. Overall condition would be Excellent for this 55 year old poster from 1958.

As the photos, below, show - the poster has been professionally Double Matted and placed in a metal Framed. Overall measurements of the frame approx. 21"x43"

On a scale of 1-10, I would call this one a 7. - $100.00 - or, if you want only the poster, without the frame - $75.00/(poster only)


3958-1129) THE MAD MAGICIAN - Movie Lobby Card

This chiller 3-D movie, from 1954, is about Don Gallico, a master at designing magical illusions which are sold by his employer, Mr. Ormond, to famous magicians such as Rinaldi. He is also a master of disguise and realistic mask designer. When Don embarks upon his own career, as Gallico the Great, showcasing his own masterful illusions, his dreams are shattered by Ormond and he turns to murder to vent his frustrations.

The movie starred Vincent Price (as The Mad Magician), Eva Gabor, Mary Murphy and Patrick O'Neal.

There are a few pin holes, age discoloration, an edge tear and a wrinkle, here and there.

The Lobby Card  comes framed, in a 'floating style'. You might be able to see some reflection in the framed image, below, due to the reflective glass.

Lobby card measures 11"x14". The overall frame size is approx. 22 1/4"x19 1/4". The three layered matt's are a dark charcoal, light blue, and a reddish orange. The frame, itself, is a black metal.

This is THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER LOBBY CARD from this movie, showing the Magician producing his young, lovely assistant. - $100.00


3959-7333) THE GEISHA BOY Movie Lobby Card Set

This offering is for all eight Lobby Cards from this Wonderful 1958 movie starring Jerry Lewis, Marie McDonald and Sessu Hayakawa.

Each card measures 11"x14".

All Lobby Cards have small pin holes (and I mean VERY SMALL), which is to be expected.

Please click on the ThumbNail photos, below, to bring up the larger photos, for a better view.

I'm using the photos provided, to me, by the person whom I purchased these from.

I noted, after receiving the Lobby Cards, the seller must have carefully trimmed off the excess brown backing paper, which can be seen in three of the Lobby Cards below.

First Lobby Card, in Row 2, is missing a small portion from the right border. Of course, if framed, this wouldn't show.

Each Lobby Card comes in its own protective 100% Pure Virgin Polyethylene bag. - $100.00(for all 8)

3921-4599) CONJURERs PARTY on 8mm film.

Unfortunately, I don't have any information on this film.

Years ago, I had and sold, a 16mm film by the same name.

Here's the information I had on that film and 'maybe' this is the same film - only in 8mm:

This film features Buck Hurt (Associate of The Magic Circle).

Devised and edited by Arthur C. Stevens. Released through GB Equipments. Distributor of 16mm & 8mm movie-maks.

No date is given, but I would guess the 1930s or 1940s.

The film is in Black/White, has no sound (has words on the screen like a ‘silent film’).

The magician performs:
Floating Ball
Zombie Ball
A Wand Vanishes in a piece Paper, then re-appears in the Magicians sock
Milk Pitcher (milk vanishes from a glass and streamers appear) - then, there’s a long streamer from a boys pocket
Egg Bag - Change Bag
Cut and Restored Rope
Diminishing Cards
Dove Pan
At the end of the film, the Magician vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Like we all do....

A fun and entertaining film from 70-80 years ago.

This film is probably a shorten version than the 16mm film, as this one comes on one 5" reel.

No rights implied or intended. This film is being sold from one collector to another.

If you click the film photo, this will bring up a film strip with many photo's. - $25.00


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