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4124-3574) MAGICAL BOOKIE Issue #34. September 1970. Published by Stephen R. Patrick.

A great source of information came from the pages of The Magical Bookie. These were issued on legal size paper and ran around 6 pages each. Some printed on one side, some printed on both sides.

This issue contains: Magic At The University of Texas by Stephen A. Sparks - Readers writing in with interesting news, include Claude Crowe, Topper Martin, Mickey Hades, John Henry Grossman, Lt. David F. Ginn, and William F. Becker. - Five books are reviewed.

Need this issue to help complete your file? Or to start your new file? - $10.00



4125-4687) MAGICAL BOOKIE Issue #39. March 1972. Published by Stephen R. Patrick.

This issue contains: Examining Those Wild Book Prices. No author given. - Does Binding Magazines Really Help? by Stephen A. Sparks. - Topper Martyn writes on Non-Magic Books. - Reminiscences of Marcus Henvit (Two full pages) - Magical Appetizers (books and posters available for purchase, their descriptions and from whom) - Notabilia (Stephen R. Patrick's editorial).

Well, here you go - the 2nd Magical Bookie for your file. - $10.00


(Take the pair for $17.50)

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4126-4847) MUM Magazine, Volume 97, #9 - February 2008

BANACHEK on the cover.

For you Banachek lovers, there are three GREAT articles, about or by him, inside this magazine:

1) Banachek: In Thoughts by Richard Hatch

2) Penn & Teller and The Magic Bullet by Banachek

3) Marketing Banachek's Inspirations by Scott Wells

And, lets not forget editor, John Moehring's, comments on the "Editor Notes" page.

If you have many of Banachek's books, but not this magazine - well, then this is for you. - $10.00


THE FARM JOURNAL Magazine for November 1926. Volume 50, #11.

The magazine measures approx. 8 1/4"x12".

The Cover has a Wonderful 'Magic theme' by Walter Beach Humphrey.

A Magician in full tux, holding a magic wand in his left hand. His right hand holding a rabbit by its ears - as if having just produced it from the farm boy's hat. The boy is holding the hat between his two hands and his face has a look of 'wonder' as to how the Magician just performed this miracle. On top of the Magician's table an empty glass, a couple balls and a top hat with silks draped over the hat's edge. On the floor are playing cards scattered about.

Some discoloration at the top, some page folding at lower right corner, but the overall appearance is actually pretty good. Please refer to the photo, below, for better detail.

Great period piece from the 1920s. - $35.00

4073-7600) The NEW Conjurors' Magazine

Published monthly by Julien J. Proskauer, Edward Dart, etc. and edited by Walter B. Gibson in New York City.

Robert Lund became editor with Volume 4, #10.

Magazines measure approx. 8 1/2"x11".

A shortened version of the "Content" on the covers.

A Complete File consist of 55 issues:
Volume 1, #1 (February 1945) thru Volume 5, #7 (September 1949)

This offering is missing only two issues:
Volume 4, #s 7 and 11.

Volume 1, #1-12 - Complete
February 1945-January 1946

Volume 2, #1-12 - Complete
March 1946-February 1947

Volume 3, #1-12 - Complete
March 1947-February 1948

Volume 4, #1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12
Spanning the dates of March 1948-February 1949

Volume 5, #1,2,3,4,5,6,7(last issue)
March-September 1949

Houdini's brother, Hardeen, helped get this magazine launched, but he passed away shortly after the magazine started.

This file includes the Hardeen memorial issue, which in years past, I've seen sell on Ebay, just by itself, for $50.00 and higher.

From V4N12 thru V5N7, there were Wonderful drawings, on the cover, by Ed Mishell:

Alexander Herrmann
T. Nelson Downs
Henry Ridgely Evans
Imro Fox
The Martinka's
Robert Houdin
Chung Ling Soo
Felix Horim's "Cloak of Invisibility".

One price for all these magazines - $300.00


4085-8938) SEYMOUR DAVIS On The Cover of MUM Magazine

The BONUS of this offering is Seymour Davis has Autographed The Front Cover!!

To Joyce, that great
lady of magic
Seymour Davis

Volume 71, #1 - June 1981 - $10.00


REMEMBER, all photos are Thumbnails - click on the photo to bring up the LARGER photo.

4086-8945) CHAOS Magazine, The Official publication of the I.B.M. Ring 40

Issues: 18,24,29,30a,30b,34a,34b,36

Known as the “Drinking Ring” of Winnipeg, Canada, in association with The Rounders Of The Night Table.

The material within ' some' of these issues are, shall we say: Xrated, fifthly, dirty, raunchy, grotesque.

In other words, in GREAT DEMAND by those magazine collectors out there in CollectorLand.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a occasional good article and magic trick to shock your fellow magicians with.

As Sid Lorraine put it in the NEW TOPS February 1971 issue:

“Just saw my first couple copies of CHAOS, the official journal of Winnipeg’s Ring 40 Magic Club...known as The Drinking Ring. This bunch of western souserers, from all reports, whoop it up plenty at their meetings and a lot of good magic is washed down with suds. Their magazine is the zaniest I’ve seen and among the wild nutty notes one can actually find a lot of good magic. It is refreshing to find a group that do not take themselves too seriously, but have fun. Unfortunately, you can’t subscribe to this publication, it is for club members only.”

For the most part, the issues have to come from a collection of a member or contributor from back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Later on, subscriptions were sold, so this would explain why you don’t see too many of the early issues offered.

Some issues came with Supplements and some didn't.
Price of each issue:
$15.00each -or- 3 or more: $12.50each

18) 24) 29) 30a)

30b) 34a) 34b) 36)

Please CLICK HERE to see the full descriptions for all 8 CHAOS Issues.

4087-4573) THE READERs DIGEST Magazine. Volume 101, #604. August 1972.

Inside, a five page biographical account of on the life of Robert-Houdin entitled: "The Magic Touch of Robert-Houdin" by Curtis Cate.

As the magazine states:

A Mechanical genius and master of the sleight of hand, he gave the magician's art a new dimension that still dazzles in our day.

This magazine would be a nice edition for you Robert-Houdin collector's, who might have missed this issue. - $15.00


4088-5898) HARPERs NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, "New Monthly Magazine".

Volume 55, #330 - November 1877.

Well, it might have been new then, but it's 137 YEARs OLD TODAY!!!

On page 817 begins a Very Historic 15 page article on ROBERT HOUDIN entitled:

"The King of Conjurers"

There are 11 illustrations - these include:

Robert-Houdin - The Old Style of Trick Table - Houdin's Trick Table - The Conjurer's Parlor - The Conjurer's Ghost - The Magic Basket - The Double Bottom - The Bust of Socrates - The Four Harps - Houdin's Spirit Rapper - The Cabinet Trick.

In addition to these 11 illustrations there are 7 diagrams!!

A ton of information on the man HOUDINI would idolize, when first starting out as a Magician.

A great offering for you Robert-Houdin collectors. - $75.00


4047-9957) GENII Magazine - Volume 68, # 1 - January 2005

Articles Include:

1) Kalin & Jinger: Real Magic
2) Supernatural Chicago by Dustin Stinett
3) Presenting the Tarbell Magic Kit. Introduction by Richard Kaufman
4) Magical Vanuatu by David Groves

In addition to the above articles, there's a Wonderful, 9page article with many photos (by Michael Edwards) entitled:

Going Going GONE!
The Sidney H. Radner Collection
& The Great Houdini Auction

The auction will be ten years ago, this October 2014 - we you there or sitting at your computer watching/listening/bidding to a live feed for 8 Hours?

Probably one of the last GREAT Houdini magic auctions before the world-wide economic bust. - $20.00



(a) The Interview #1

A decade after their show was cut short, the Strip icons invite John Katsilometer inside their secret garden.

Published in the Las Vegas Weekly, October 3-9, 2013 issue.

Magazine  measures 10 3/8"x13 1/4"

GREAT article, with many photos, spread out over a full Seven Pages!!


(b) The Interview #2

Essentially the same article, as above, but with six photos - a couple of these different photos.

This article, in the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper for Sunday, October 13, 2013, has a great photo of S/R, sitting in a Las Vegas showroom booth with Liberace.

The other photo is with Michael Jackson, the three of them holding baby white tigers.

The newspaper measures approx. 11"x22" (front page) - 22"x22" (for the double wide), continued article inside.

Three full pages, as can be seen below. - $15.00 for both (a)&(b)

Shipping is as follows, for these oversize magazine/newspaper:

USA - Priority Mail $7.50

CANADA - First Class International Mail $11.50
                    Priority International Mail $32.50

Rest of World - First Class International Mail $17.50
                           Priority International Mail $45.00

4001-9548) MAGIC MAGAZINE for November 1993.  Volume 3, #3. From cover to cover a total of 76pages.

Articles inside include:

Jay Owenhouse: Magic on the Road. He has created a unique combination of magic and business; a combination which grosses over $1 million annually. Here's how he does it. (cover photo also)

Orson Welles & Casino Royale. David Berglas and Ali Bongo reminisce about the making of the 1967 James Bond spoof, the magic scenes that made it, and those that didn't.

Batman Meets Houdini. A few months ago, we tipped you off to an upcoming D.C. Comic that joined the forces of Harry Houdini and Batman. Well, The Devil's Workshop is out, and it's not for the squeamish or sensitive.

Advertising and Magic. With more and more magic advertising appearing, it seems appropriate to analyze just how good (or bad) magic ads are. We went to the expert, Michael Diliberto, to give us the basics, plus a few examples of how he would do things differently.

Flim-Flam. Our resident scam-man, Bob Farmer, has come up with something that has all the features of "Three Card Monte" and "The Shell Game", but it's much easier to learn and, in some cases, you can even eat the evidence.

Somewhere within these pages, you'll also find my 'first' Full Page color adv. for the Limited Edition Houdini print I offer for sale. That should make you want to buy the magazine PERIOD. Ha!! - $10.00


4002-1648) GENII MAGAZINE for October 1992. Volume 55, #12.

From cover to cover a total of 70pages.

Starts off with "New Zealand Magic From Down Under". Compiled by Alan Watson.  Effects include: Restaurant Cake Production - Mathman's Prophetic Card - Plain Old Fun - Kid Show Bits & Pieces - My Lucky Rabbits - Balloon Animals - Zealando's Ambitious Card - The Hot Video - Chicane's Two Second Coin Load - The Vanishing Shrinking Table Napkin - Comedy Dove From Balloon - Inverto Bottles.

"Magic Section" is next with: Thought Suggestion - Black & White Illusion (illusion plans) - New Jugs For Old - The Body Swap Illusion.

Next is "Featured Articles": Dai Vernon Memoriam - Magicana - Secret Cabaret Live - Under The Banyan Tree - Velvet Mandrake - Fulminations.

Somewhere within these pages, you'll also find my 'first' Full Page color adv. for the Limited Edition Houdini print I offer for sale. That should make you want to buy the magazine PERIOD. Ha!! - $10.00


4003-3579) MAGIC. Vol. 5, #4. October 1995

Nice color portrait of Bess Houdini on the Cover with caption “Bess Houdini, Did the woman behind the legend create the Myth?”. Several articles in this issue by David Charvet. On page 54, a four page article entitled, “Beatrice Houdini”. - On page 58, a six page article entitled, “Edward Saint”. - On page 64, a two page article, “Houdini, the film that perpetuated the Legend”. - And on page 67, a four page article, “‘Bess’ Speaks, Janet Leigh talks about the making of ‘Houdini’”.

A Jammed Packed Issue full of great articles and tons of photo’s (some not published for a long time).

And, can you believe it - there's another adv. for my Houdini Poster!! - $12.50


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