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3468-5568) WeeBook: THE LITTLE BOOK OF MAGIC TRICKS by Steven Zorn

HardBound with DustJacket and 127pages.

Published 1994 by Running Press of Philadelphia and London.

Content's include:

Introduction - Jump, Jump - The Healing Handkerchief - Spare Change - Penny Through the Elbow - Not Knot - The Mind Meld - The Floating Knife - Seeing Sports - The Telltale Timepiece - I've Got Your Number - The Mystical Matchbox, Part 1 - The Mystical Matchbox, Part 2 - The Mysterious Ring Thing - Read Any Good Minds Lately - Thrown for a Loop - The Quick Clip Trick - The Magic Matches - The Dance of the Single Veil - The Hanky Panky Coin Vanish - The Cut and Restored Rope.

Measures approx. 3"x3 1/2" - $15.00 - Now priced @ $12.50 -  Now priced @ $10.00


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Compiled and photographed by Lewis Ganson.

SoftBound book with 72pages.

This is the First Edition, from 1969, and published by Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio in London, England.

The content page was so detailed, I have reproduced it below for ease in reading.

The BONUS, of this offering, is the book is Autographed by Dai Vernon on the inside cover:

Dai Vernon

The book measures approx. 6 1/2"x9". - $125.00




3470-1398) THE NEW MAGICIAN'S MANUAL by Walter B. Gibson.

PaperBound with 142 pages, including the inserted sheets of cardboard "apparatus" required for certain of the tricks.

Original copyright is 1936, the edition offered here is first publication in 1975 by Dover Publications, Inc., New York.

Chapters include: Impromptu Magic - Table Magic - Card Magic - Oriental Magic - Mental Magic - Programs of Magic - Additional Magic.

The BONUS offering is: this book is Personally signed by Walter B. Gibson to Chet Karkut

A great addition to your library, from the man who gave So Much to the magic fraternity through his writings. - $50.00 Now priced @ $40.00



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3471-5432) MAD MOJO by Andrew Mayne

A book of new and strange magic for the stage, parlor, living room, and beach-  including impromptu, almost impromptu, and impromptu looking effects and routines.

PaperBound with 93pages.

Previous owners name rubber stamped inside.

Copyright 1998 and published by the author.

The content page was so detailed, I've reproduced it for you below, for ease in reading.

Measures approx. 8 1/2"x11" - $25.00 - Now priced @ $20.00 -  Now priced @ $15.00



3472-4944) THE GREAT ILLUSIONISTs. By Edwin A. Dawes.

HardBound with DustJacket. Copyright 1979 and measures 8"x10". Published by David & Charles. Newton Abbott, London. 216 pages.

As the book states: "By the use of splendid and often unique illustrations of prints, playbills and memorabilia, coupled with a constantly entertaining narrative, this book traces the history of conjuring and illusion through the lives and achievements of the finest practitioners of the art, conjurers whose names have, in many cases, become legend".

Chapters include:

In the Beginning - The Learned Animals - Bags, Bubbles and Bottles - The Phenomena - The Conjuring Quacks - Laughing Gas - Phantasmagoric Professors - The Jewish Connexion - Wizards From The North - Science Et La Prestidigitation - They Also Conjured - Egypt and the Sphinx - Maskelyne & Cooke, Royal Illusionists - The Great Gun Trick - Sounds, Shadows and Shackles - Epilogue - References and Notes.

There are over 120 prints, photos and illustrations in this book. A WEALTH of Knowledge you, the reader, will find useful and fascinating. Not to mention the last 10 Pages are on HOUDINI!! - $35.00 - Now priced @ $25.00 -  Now priced @ $20.00


3448-5645) QUALITY MAGIC by Theo "Okito" Bamberg.

Copyright 1921 and published by Will Goldston, Ltd. in London, England.

HardBound with pictorial covers and 98pages.

The contents page was so detailed, I've reproduced it for you below, for ease in reading.

Inside back cover is a full page adv. for HOUDINIs: Magical Rope Ties and Escapes

Measures approx. 5 1/4"x8 1/4" - $75.00




3411-6656) Great Magician In Great Moments, A Photo Album by Irving Desfor

First Edition from 1983. Published by Lee Jacobs Productions. Pomeroy, Ohio.

I would imagine EVERYBODY has seen an Irving Desfor photo in a magic magazine, book, etc. over the years.

The book, offered here, has almost 150 Desfor photographs. Each named with a caption or full paragraph.

From the back of the DustJacket:

For almost half a century, Irving Desfor has captured the history of magic with his camera. His name is synonymous with the best in magical photography. Now you have the unique opportunity to gaze through his eyes and his lens at the unfolding of this history. Catch a glimpse at moments in time that are gone forever except in the memories of a few. Many of Desfor's photographs confirm the reality behind the myths of yesterday. Great moments in magic are yours to savor and enjoy forever.

You now have the opportunity to help preserve the history of the arts of photography and magic. Walk through time as Desfor reveals stories and insights seen by just a few, stories which accompany his famous photographs. Irving Desfor and Lee Jacobs have compiled an album of photographic magical memories with commentary. They have assured that these precious treasures will not be lost.

Stand with Desfor while he watches Dai Vernon perform the fabled Harlequin Act. Watch Okito at the very moment he produces a huge bowl of water from nowhere. See Nicola in an unguarded moment. Experience what Harry Blackstone, Jr. experienced in the photo above where Desfor gives him a guided tour of classic pictures of his famous father. Pass through time with Desfor and see the greats of magic you have only heard of as well as those you see every day on television. See them through the eyes of a man who has known them all. Preserve your magical heritage.

The DustJacket has very little shelf wear -and- its done its job of protecting the book covers, as they are perfect. See photos below.

HardBound with DustJacket and 208pages.

Book measures approx. 8 3/4"x11 1/2"

The only thing greater than this book are all the photographs within. - $75.00




Harry Blackstone, Sr. at the Brooklyn Strand Theatre, December 1938
 Al Flosso, April 16, 1966
Doug Henning and Dai Vernon at the SAM 50th Anniversary Convention, July 1978
Houdini's brother, HARDEEN, April 12, 1943



Copyright 1981. First printing March 1981. This is the second printing from April 1981.

Must a have been a Very Popular Book to need a second printing in only a month!!

Published by Busby-Corin, Inc. of San Francisco, California.

The content page was so detailed, I've reproduced it below for ease in reading.

CombBound with 39pages. Book measures approx. 6"x8 3/4"

The BONUS of this offering, the book is SIGNED!!

To Margret
Best Wishes
that Warsaw Wizard

Margret is Margaret Yates, who's bookplate is located on the inside front cover.

As you can see from the photo below, the two "o" in "Tomsoni" have been made to look like bowling balls - Johnny's signature magic effect.

A GREAT read from Las Vegas' legendary own: Johnny Thompson. - $35.00


(I had purchased several copies of this book from a well
known west coast magic collector. This is the Last One)


3389-9876) DUNNINGER, What's On Your Mind? by Joseph Dunninger.

Published in Cleveland and New York by The World Publishing Company.

1944 First Edition from. 192pages with DustJacket. DJ missing a small portion at the top of the spine.

Contents Include:

Foreword by Joseph Dunninger - Introduction by Walter B. Gibson - What Is Telepathy? - The Challenge of the Unknown - Theories on Telepathy - Aspects of Telepathy - The Interwoven Web of Sense - Phases of Telepathy - Telepathy and the Mass Mind - Thought Transference with Individuals - Sudden Thoughts from Nowhere - Telepathy and Hypnotism - Telepathic Impressions Received in Sleep - Early Investigations of Telepathy - Advance Investigation of Telepathy - Telepathy through Contact - Conditions Needed in Telepathic Demonstrations - Telepathy Today.

THE TESTs: Lights and Shadows - Visualizing Colors - The Moving Hand - Mental Will Power - Thoughts in Action - Sensory Perceptions - Thought Identities - Mental Progression - Telepathic Elimination - Group Reception - Automatic Touch Projection - Intuitive Telepathy - Contact Thought Reading - Mental Attraction - Time on the Mind - Triple Telepathy - Thought in Rhythm - The Mind Commands - Finding the Letter - A Game of Will - Picture Perception - A Question of Squares - Distant Discovery - Developed Impressions.

Book measures approx. 6"x81/4" and is in pretty good condition, with some corner dings, but the inside pages are just fine. - $45.00 Now priced @ $35.00



3260-4888) KEN ALLENs Do-It-Yourself Lecture, No.1

CombBound with 30pages.

Copyright 1957 by Ken Allen Products

Contents Include:

A Snap
How To Tie A Bouquet Of Spring Flowers
Bloomin' Silks and Flowers
Automatic Flower Basket Production
Silk Maze
Colored Rods
Ken's Sneaky Silk Winder
Sneaky Silk Production
A Stunning Transposition
A Simple Card Force
The Spooky Pocket
Pulling The Wool
How To Make and Some Uses For A Pull
The Loop Pencil
Prize Winning Monkey In The Basket Routine
Ideas and Suggestions

Book measures approx. 8 1/2"x5 1/2"

The BONUS, of this offering is this is signed by Ken Allen in 1957 -and- the backside is signed by Col Harry Blackstone.

This, of course, being Blackstone, Sr. - No date given for his signature.

Includes a 1-page price sheet for Ken Allen Products (not shown below) - $75.00



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