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Welcome to the "BOOK Section - Part One" .

Below you'll find quite an assortment of Books to choose from.

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4105-5877) ORIGINAL BINDERs For The STARs of MAGIC Series

If you've been collecting the single issues of STARs of MAGIC, then this is for you.

Two ORIGINAL binders, one red and one black, which could have been ordered along with the SOMs.

When opened and the thick covers bent back, the inside metal clamp opens - then you side in your issues. Once in place, release the tension, on the covers, and the issues are held in place.

These binder would have been for those SOMs issued in the 1940s and 1950s.

Four binders are available, three Red and one Black. - $25.00each
Shipping FREE within the USA.
For the rest of the World - please email for the quoted price for your country.)

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4093-4328) THE GATE OF REMEMBRANCE by Frederick Bligh Bond.

The story of the psychological experiment which resulted in the discovery of The Edgar Chapel at Glastonbury.

As a scholarly architect devoted to the Gothic style, Frederick Bond was fascinated by the remains of Glastonbury and became an active member of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society. Then, in 1907, the Church of England acquired title to Glastonbury and asked the society to conduct excavations. Bond was named director of the project and, later, diocesan architect.

Original copyright 1918. This Time/Life edition published in 1990 and contains 176pages.

The content page has been reproduced, below, for ease in reading. - $12.50


4075-3699) THE WAR MAGICIAN by David Fisher.

1983 1st American edition. Hardback with DustJacket and 315pages.

Published by Coward-McCann, Inc., New York.

This extraordinary biography of illusionist Jasper Maskelyne is at once a larger-than-life story of an exceptional man and a fascinating re-creation of virtually unknown events in military history. Exhaustively researched and written with the pace and immediacy of a crack thriller, "The War Magician" also includes Maskelyne's own photographs of his illusions and inventions used in the North African Campaign against Rommel. Maskelyne and his Magic Gang performed such feats as hiding the Suez Canal, with a network of searchlights that blinded Luftwaffe pilots and creating a look alike Alexandria harbor, so Luftwaffe pilots would bomb it instead of the real one. Maskelyne's exploits were so successful, Hitler had him targeted for assassination.

A little spotting on the page edges -and- small tear on the front covers top edge. See photos, below.

Book measures approx. 6 1/4"x9 1/4". - $35.00



4041-7562) MAGIC FOR FUN by Sidney H. Radner

Copyright 1956 and published by Padell Book Company of New York.

PaperBound with 93pages.

Over 100 magic tricks which can easily be learned, and which will mystify and entertain any audience.

Book measures approx. 6"x9"

The BONUS of this offering - the book is signed and dated on the title page by Mr. Radner. - $35.00



Written and Published by The Handcuff King, "Oudini".

That's what I said, Oudini.

Houdini had many, out there, who were impersonating his Handcuff Act and this guy even, almost, stole Houdini's name to go along with it.

PaperBound and measures 5"x6 3/4" with 80pages.

1st Edition. 1909

Oudini exposes how to get out of Handcuffs, Iron Box, Iron Broiler, Coffin, Rope Chair, Mail Bag, Band Box, Tramp Chair, Glass Case, Paper Bag, Packing Case -and- Straight Jacket.

Gee, no wonder Houdini didnít like him!!

Outside of the oxidized stapes, this book is Virtually in Mint Condition. It looks like it was put away in 1909 and just surfaced, 105 Years Later!!

You won't Believe the Great Condition. They generally donít come this nice.

And in case you didn't know, this is probably the Most Sought After of the Houdini Imitator writings. - $75.00


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4019-7639) 200 MORE TRICKs YOU CAN DO by Howard Thurston

Copyright 1927 and published by A.L. Burt Company of New York and Chicago.

HardBound with original DustJacket and 187pages.

Book and DJ have a little water staining, as can be seen from the photos below. This seems to be contained to the outside and edges of the book, as I don't see any staining on the pages inside. Some chipping to the DJ, but as the photos, below show - it's almost complete.

For your convenience, I have reproduced the content pages below.

Book measures approx. 5 5/8"x8"

While I see this edition come available, from time to time, I hardly ever see it with the very scarce DustJacket. - $75.00

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