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Not to mention having been in magic since 1963!!

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4212-4117) HOUDINI - THE MASTER MAGICIAN. His Life and Some of His Secrets by Harold Kellock.

This appears as the Lead Article for the March 1928 issue of The American Magazine. Volume 105, #3.

The article is spread out over a total of Seven Pages and has Four Photos.

As the magazine puts it:

"This is about Houdini the magician, and Houdini the man. Everyone knows of Houdini, but very few persons really knew him, and of these his wife knew him best of all".

The magazine is missing the back cover and pages 75/76, 135/136. Pages 73/74 loose. None of this affects the Houdini article, it is complete and intact.

Great early reading just 17 months after Houdini passed away. - $15.00



4213-9731) HOUDINI - THE MASTER MAGICIAN. His early hardships, the beginning of his fame, and the explanation of some of his tricks by Harold Kellock.

April 1928 issue of The American Magazine. Volume 105, #4.

The article is spread out over a total of TEN Pages and has SEVEN Photos.

Again, Great early reading just 18 months after Houdini passed away.

The magazine is complete and intact. - $15.00


(Take the pair for $25.00)

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4214-3648) LAUGHING AT LOCKSMITHs by Brian Lead.

Before Brian Lead and Roger Woods published there book: HARRY HOUDINI, Legend & Legacy - Brian Lead had published his manuscript entitled: LAUGHING AT LOCKSMITHs

20 pages and measures approx. 8 1/4"x11 3/4"

No publishing date given.

Chapter’s include:

Introduction and Acknowledgments

Laughing At Locksmiths:
The Legend and the Legacy of Harry Houdini

The Indomitable Miss Minerva...And Friends

Strong Dick of Blackburn

What's In A Name?

Last page shows a reproduction of a flyer for "Miller And His Men".
Towards the end, of the flyer, shows them performing the Musical Farce:
Love Laughs At Locksmiths

The BONUS of this item - it’s AUTOGRAPHED by Brian Lead. - $45.00

4215-5789) HARRY HOUDINI, Legend & Legacy by Brian Lead and Roger Woods

PaperBound with 56 pages and measures approx. 6"x8 1/2".

Published in 1993 by the authors in England.

Chapter’s include:


Prologue: An Improbable Fiction

The Indomitable Miss Minerva..and Friends

Houdini and The Mysto Challenge

Strong Dick and The Mystery of The 'Young Houdini'

The Wilson Challenge; Blackburn 1903

Epilogue: Did Houdini Fail?


The BONUS of this offering, the book is signed and numbered by the authors, on the inside cover. #82 of 500.

I have blocked out who the book was signed to.

A great piece of work which started out as a lecture, for their magic club, and became the book EVERYBODY should read. - $45.00



This "Hand Cut -and- Wood Cut" Print was produced by artist Robert Allen. A great contrast of black with one other color. Print is on "Fine Art Paper" and measures approx. 11"x16".

What’s offered here is called an "Artist Proof". These are what the artist would produce, towards the very end of their work, before making the ‘limited signed and numbered’ prints. Generally, there weren’t very many of these APs produced and certainly fewer than the numbered, limited edition commercially produced.

The Artist Proof print, here, is as MINT as the day it was made 44 YEARs AGO in 1971!!

It is also SIGNED BY THE ARTIST, along the bottom. This reads: "Artist Proof"  - "Robert Allen".

The photo’s, below, show the front side and back side (print bleeding through paper), along with a close up of the work itself and the signing at the bottom. - $45.00



REMEMBER, all photos are Thumbnails - click on the photo to bring up the LARGER photo.

4217-6389) HOUDINI...and beyond Magazine Advertising PROOF

ONLY 3 Exists!! Two have sold, this is the last one.

Back in 1992, I took an Original pastel HOUDINI painting and had a limited number of quality art prints made.

I, also, ran full page color advs. in GENII and MAGIC magazines.

In order to run the advertisements, I had to have made four-color separation negatives and a PROOF.

Only 3 PROOFs were made and I'm offering the last one here.

The Advertisement Reads:

Award Winning Texas Artist, Diane K. Sparks, presents her latest work: HOUDINI...and beyond. An original; limited to a worldwide distribution of only 500 art prints. Each hand numbered and signed by the artist. Print measures 22x28 on 65lb acid free cover paper with fade-resistant ink. Price: $50.00 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling for U.S.A. Delivery. Foreign orders write for shipping price. Please send check or money order (Sorry no Charges) to: Stephen A. Sparks 2142 Little Cedar Dr; Kingwood, Texas 77339 USA

The image shows HOUDINI bound in chains, while a ghostly image of his Mother looks on: from Beyond.

Ad piece has been double matted and shrink wrapped, with form core backing.

The first photo, below, was taken with my digital camera and is a little washed out, due to the shrink wrap covering. The second is from my scanner and a much better quality photo.

The words "" are not on the image - only superimposed, here, for this offering. And, there's a small printers ink smudge in the lower right corner of the white border area. If you had this piece re-matted, this would be hidden.

Measures 12"x16" - a standard size, so you can buy a nice ready made frame -and- hang on your wall. - $100.00


4218-3687) APPLETON CRESCENT, Special Edna Ferber Edition

Printed in Houdini's hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, July 29, 2002.

Approx. 12 1/2"x21 1/2", one sheet, printed on both sides.

While this paper was a Special Edition about the Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and telling of the postage stamp about to be issued in her honor - this paper has also reprinted an article, which Edna Ferber wrote back on July 23, 1904, when she interviewed HOUDINI.

The Houdini piece spans two nice LONG columns, complete with Houdini photo, at the bottom of the page.

Now here's something you don't see everyday!! - $12.50


4219-6534) TOWER "DOUBLE LOCK" LEG-IRONs. From the HOUDINI-HARDEEN Collection.

In 1995, I purchased a wonderful Houdini Collection from a gentleman in Florida. In addition to all the items in this Collection, there were several sets of Handcuffs which belonged to Houdini.

What’s offered here is the Tower "Double Lock" Leg-Irons.

The TOWER company came into being some time around 1874, the date of the first Tower patent. Its restraints remained in production, in one form or another, until the 1940s. Some collector's believe that its products were made by the Union Hardware Company, right from the start, but others think that this firm only became involved when it took over the TOWER business at an unknown, but rather later date.

The TOWER cuffs have a lock case, on the inside of the bow, and is distinguished by the position of the keyhole at the bottom of the lock case. This keyhole proved to be awkward, making it difficult to unlock the leg-iron cuffs. These leg-iron cuffs came with an improved Double Locking feature.

The TOWER DOUBLE LOCK cuffs were the standard of the industry for decades.

Below, are assorted photos of the Leg Irons, their display box, a close up of the name plate and the assorted provenance letters.

The Leg Irons are in working order. The photos, below, show the cuffs in the closed and open position.

The key is the Original Key, which came with the Leg Irons.

The Leg Irons come with three letters showing, you, how they are traced back to HOUDINI.

One letter is the Original Letter, from the gentleman in Florida to me, telling about the collection and how it came to be in his possession.

The second letter is xerox (dated 1979) from William Mahan (to the gentleman in Florida), stating the handcuffs, etc. were obtained from Hardeen, who had told Mr. Mahan, the material came from Houdini’s collection. The original letter had been sold, by the original Florida owner, back in 1980.

Mr. Mahan was a CLOSE Personal Friend of the Hardeen family and obtained a lot of Houdini’s material during Hardeen’s later life.

A portion of the letter from Mr. Mahan (dated October 10, 1979) states:

I am sorry that you missed out on the collection of magic I sold to Goulet. But, I am happy that you got the things Ray didn't. The red drape I gave you belonged to Adelaide Hermann; it was given to Lady Ruth, my wife. Also, the ivory (yellow) tipped wand you received was Theo Hardeen's. We were close to Hardeen you know. I'm giving you this wand with with a set of lock picks. I got the picks, and the handcuffs I sold, from Hardeen who told me they came from Houdini's collection. Theo's gifts were the heart of my collection. Pete, if I can be of any assistance regarding any of the posters, magic apparatus, memorabilia, etc., please don't hesitate to ask.

The last letter is from me, stating how the collection came to be in my possession.

The handcuffs have been placed in a Walnut Box, which has a glass lid, so the handcuffs may be viewed. The box measures 12"x18"x3" Deep. The box has a nice varnish and is a bit darker than the photos, below, show. The handcuffs are resting on a pillow of Red Satin (also, a bit darker than the photos show below).

There is a name plate, on top of the glass lid, describing the cuffs. The box has two latches, which can either be opened or locked (keys included).

Since this is the LAST set of cuffs, I have from the collection,  I will also include the original Lengthy Newspaper article (Sunday, July 3, 1988, with photo’s) written about the gentleman in Florida by Times Staff Writer Laura Griffin. - $7,500.00 (Sorry, these leg-irons have sold. We accepted a $4,500.00 counter offer.)


Leg Irons in display box, closed and open.

Display box open

Close up of Leg Irons  in closed/locked position, showing both sides.

Leg Irons stamped as being "Tower Double Lock".

Close up of Leg Irons in open position.



The photo measures approx. 7 5/8"x9 1/2".

On the backside: "1937-9" written in pencil -and- "Photo by G. E. Baxter" written in ink.

Those I've been able to identify, on the front row are:

Edward Saint, Jacob Hyman (the original Brother's Houdini partner of Harry Houdini), Bess Houdini, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Walker.

Mr. and Mrs. Walker owned the house at 2435 Laurel Canyon, where Harry and Bess Houdini lived in 1919, while Houdini was making motion pictures.

Then Bess and Ed Saint lived in the house, for a while, in the 1930s.

Some of the others in the photo are:

Gerald Kosky, Caryl Fleming. L.O. Gunn, Vic and Carolyn Trask, Lyda Hyman.

Great fun photo, full of Houdiniana history from 76 years ago. - $100.00


4221-4538) HOUDINI Advertising Flyer From 1913 Apollo Theatre in Nuremberg

Houdini's mother passed away on July 17th, 1913.

For the whole month of August, Houdini visited his Mother's grave, till he sailed on August 30th from New York City on the Hamburg-American line "Imperator".

On September 16th, Houdini opened at the Apollo Theatre, in Nuremberg, Germany, opening the show with his needle swallowing act - and closing with his famous Water Torture Cell illusion, which he had just debuted a year earlier, during his performances at the Circus Busch theatre in Berlin.

As a publicity stunt on Thursday, September 18th, Houdini would have himself placed in shackles, handcuffs and chains, then jump into the Dutzendteich river.

What's offered here is an advertising flyer for Houdini appearance at the Apollo Theatre in Nuremberg.

This measures 6 5/8"x9" and is shown below.

Portions of the right edge are missing and is a little hard to see in the photo below, since I scanned the image with a black background. Look closely and you'll be able to see.

And, of course, "" doesn't appear on the actual item.

The flyer is in German, below is the translation.

The flyer states:

Harry Houdini offers a 5000 Mark reward to anyone who proves that he receives air in the Underwater Escape cabinet.

The trick that Houdini performs every evening in the Apollo Theater is awesome. In order to prove this, Harry Houdini will try to escape openly under water.

On Thursday, the 18th of September, in the afternoon between 4 and 5 o'clock, the American Houdini will jump off a boat (into the water), after he has been locked into heavy shackles, handcuffs and chains, by the public and representatives of the local press -- Not into the Pegnitz, which is not deep enough, but into the Dutzendteich, at the deepest point.

The chains alone are so heavy that Harry Houdini must sink to the bottom because of the weight.

Comes with a quality reproduction 8x10 (not computer print out) photo of HOUDINI, upside down, inside the Water Torture Cell.

The two would look GREAT framed with each other!!

A great early piece of advertising for Houdini and his "Underwater Escape Cabinet". - $475.00




Did you, or a family member, attend any of these conventions? Did you receive one of these panoramic photographs and/or programs, they've been lost for years and you've ALWAYs wanted to replace it? Well, here's your chance!!!

Where you see a split in photo, this is caused by either myself trying to match up multi-photos or by the photographer matching up the sections. For a better look at each photo, please click on the 'Thumbnail' photos to see the larger.

4222-1652) 50th Annual S0CIETY OF AMERICAN MAGICIANs Convention Program and Panoramic photo from May 30th thru June 1st 1952 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Some of those performing/attending the convention (and may be in the photo) include:

Frances Ireland - Long Tack Sam - Bert Allerton - Slydini - Dr. Jaks - Silent Mora - Chan Canasta - Herman Hanson - Jay Marshall - Lou Tannen - Gene Gordon - Betty and Tommy Tucker - Dagmar - Stanley from London - Manny Williams

Those I did find include: Milbourne Christopher - Ace Gorham - John Scarne - Harlan Tarbell

Photo (29 1/4"x10") has been shrink wrapped onto a piece of foam core.

Program measures 8 1/2"x10 3/4" with 33pages.
(There are handwritten notes in the program, a newspaper clipping about the convention, and an envelope (with convention registration form and advertising flyer) from Herman Hanson to Dr. I. D. Hosman, so I'm guessing this was his program)

Photo is $75.00 - The Program is $45.00 -or- Take both for $100.00


4223-3544) 21st Annual INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANs Convention Program and Panoramic photo from May 30th thru June 2nd 1949. Held in Chicago, Illinois.

Some of those performing/attending the convention (and may be in the photo) include:

Tony Slydini - Jack Gwynne - Dorny - H. Adrian Smith - Eugene Bernstein - Clarke C. Crandall - Joe Berg - Theo. (Okito) Bamberg - Sam Berland - Arthur H. Buckley - Bert Allerton - Paul le Paul.

Those I did find, include Tony Slydini and Jack Gwynne.

Program measures 6"x8 3/4" with 84pages.

Photo (20"x12") has been shrink wrapped onto a piece of foam core.

Photo is $75.00 - The Program is $45.00 -or- Take both for $100.00


4224-4587) One last Panoramic Photo from the:


Berkley Carteret Hotel, September 29th, 1956.

Sorry to say, the only one I recognize is Ace Gorham. Maybe someone, who was in attendance or from the east coast, might find more faces and can email them to me.

Photo (20"x10") has been shrink wrapped onto a piece of foam core. - $50.00

4225-6454) IN TOWN TONIGHT

Complete Set of 50 Churchman Tobacco Cards, from 1938, issued by the Imperial Tobacco Co. of Great Britain and Ireland. Assorted stars, etc., of the time, were commemorated on these 50 different and 'much sought after' Tobacco Cards. Among those honored was the magician DANTE. There’s a detailed subject description on the back of each card.

Those in the Set include: #1 Fred Archer, living wax model. #2 Mrs. Emma Baker, Piccadilly flower girl. #3 Tom Beasley, swordsmith. #4 Mrs. Florence Bell, head nurse, Royal Veterinary College. #5 Algernon Blackwood, author and traveler. #6 W. Reginald Bray, the human letter. #7 George Burchett, tattooist. #8 Cyclone Danny Carter, international stunt rider. #9 Charles Coborn, music hall artist. #10 W.R. Courtnell, street smudger. #11 William Dalton, rat catcher. #12 Dante, the Master Magician. #13 Harold Davy, toastmaster. #14 Miss Christina Foyle, bookseller. #15 W. A. Gape, the Tramps' K.C. #16 Miss Gibbs, floral buttonhole maker. #17 Sir Walter Gilbey. #18 Miss Pauline Gower, woman aviator. #19 William Hagland, engine driver. #20 Walter Hart, Drayman. #21 Cecil Hunt, Howier King of Highgate. #22 Madame Indre Shira, cheirastrologist. #23 Sheikh Jalal Quraishi, perfume blender. #24 Parry Jones, tenor. #25 Sydney A. Kemp, F.Z.S., zoo dentist. #26 Miss Beryl Laverick, actress and dancer. #27 Bruce Macloud, Punch and Judy Show. #28 Rass Prince Monolulu, Abyssinian racing tipster. #29 Mrs. Molly Moore, knocker-up. #30 Mrs. Nelson, woman sweep. #31 George Nicholls, the London Zoo storekeeper. #32 The Pearly King, Queen and Prince of Blackfriars. #33 Gypsy Petulengro, Astrologer and Palmist. #34 Mrs. May Phillips, the perfect barmaid. #35 REM, pavement artist. #36 G. F. Robey, old time butler. #37 Ruston and Steel, Public House Entertainers. #38 Rev. L. Shaposnick, Jewish Reader. #39 Captain Dennis Slocum, British Airways pilot. #40 Jack Smith, fruiterer. #41 Mike Stern, petticoat lane cheapjack. #42 Miss May Storey, woman detective. #43 Toni and Yento, one-man band. #44 Bill Traquair and Arthur Champion, plumber and mate. #45 John Tussaud, great-grandson of Madame Tussaud. #46 Mrs. Usher, toffee-apple queen. #47 James Watts, street musician. #48 Donald White, chief uniformed representative of Thomas Cook's. #49 Dr. Neville Whymant, explorer. #50 Douglas, court photographer. #27 Bruce Macloud, Punch and Judy Show. #28 Rass Prince Monolulu, Abyssinian racing tipster. #29 Mrs. Molly Moore, knocker-up. #30 Mrs. Nelson, woman sweep. #31 George Nicholls, the London Zoo storekeeper. #32 The Pearly King, Queen and Prince of Blackfriars. #33 Gypsy Petulengro, Astrologer and Palmist. #34 Mrs. May Phillips, the perfect barmaid. #35 REM, pavement artist. #36 G. F. Robey, old time butler. #37 Ruston and Steel, Public House Entertainers. #38 Rev. L. Shaposnick, Jewish Reader. #39 Captain Dennis Slocum, British Airways pilot. #40 Jack Smith, fruiterer. #41 Mike Stern, petticoat lane cheapjack. #42 Miss May Storey, woman detective. #43 Toni and Yento, one-man band. #44 Bill Traquair and Arthur Champion, plumber and mate. #45 John Tussaud, great-grandson of Madame Tussaud. #46 Mrs. Usher, toffee-apple queen. #47 James Watts, street musician. #48 Donald White, chief uniformed representative of Thomas Cook's. #49 Dr. Neville Whymant, explorer. #50 Douglas, court photographer.

The cards are in Near Mint Condition -and- would look great Framed. Size of each card is approximately 1 3/8"x2 5/8". - $45.00(for the WHOLE set)



Or, just purchase the Dante card alone for: $10.00


4226-1452) 1966 CLOWN STAMP issued by the US Postal Service.

Actually you get four stamps. What’s offered here is a "Plate Block", which consist of four stamps (still attached) and the corner serial numbers
. This would have come from a ‘full sheet of 20 stamps’. There's only one plate block per sheet of stamps.

As the photo below shows, it’s a very colorful and Happy picture of a Circus Clown.

This stamp was issued 49 years ago to commemorate the American Circus and the Clown.

These are as new as the day they were issued.

Know someone who does Clown magic, etc. - well, here’s a great gift for them (or yourself). - $5.00(upto three available)

4227-5877) ORIGINAL BINDER For The STARs of MAGIC Series

If you've been collecting the single issues of STARs of MAGIC, then this is for you.

ORIGINAL binder, which could have been ordered along with the SOMs.

When opened and the thick covers bent back, the inside metal clamp opens - then you side in your issues. Once in place, release the tension, on the covers, and the issues are held in place.

Scratch along the 6 o'clock position, at the bottom of the front side.

This binder would have been for those SOMs issued in the 1940s and 1950s. - $15.00 (Sorry, this binder has sold)

4228-3574) MAGICAL BOOKIE Issue #34. September 1970. Published by Stephen R. Patrick.

A great source of information came from the pages of The Magical Bookie. These were issued on legal size paper and ran around 6 pages each. Some printed on one side, some printed on both sides.

This issue contains: Magic At The University of Texas by Stephen A. Sparks - Readers writing in with interesting news, include Claude Crowe, Topper Martin, Mickey Hades, John Henry Grossman, Lt. David F. Ginn, and William F. Becker. - Five books are reviewed.

Need this issue to help complete your file? Or to start your new file? - $10.00



4229-4687) MAGICAL BOOKIE Issue #39. March 1972. Published by Stephen R. Patrick.

This issue contains: Examining Those Wild Book Prices. No author given. - Does Binding Magazines Really Help? by Stephen A. Sparks. - Topper Martyn writes on Non-Magic Books. - Reminiscences of Marcus Henvit (Two full pages) - Magical Appetizers (books and posters available for purchase, their descriptions and from whom) - Notabilia (Stephen R. Patrick's editorial).

Well, here you go - the 2nd Magical Bookie for your file. - $10.00


(Take the pair for $17.50)

4230-4847) MUM Magazine, Volume 97, #9 - February 2008

BANACHEK on the cover.

For you Banachek lovers, there are three GREAT articles, about or by him, inside this magazine:

1) Banachek: In Thoughts by Richard Hatch

2) Penn & Teller and The Magic Bullet by Banachek

3) Marketing Banachek's Inspirations by Scott Wells

And, lets not forget editor, John Moehring's, comments on the "Editor Notes" page.

If you have many of Banachek's books, but not this magazine - well, then this is for you. - $10.00 (Sorry, this magazine has sold)


THE FARM JOURNAL Magazine for November 1926. Volume 50, #11.

The magazine measures approx. 8 1/4"x12".

The Cover has a Wonderful 'Magic theme' by Walter Beach Humphrey.

A Magician in full tux, holding a magic wand in his left hand. His right hand holding a rabbit by its ears - as if having just produced it from the farm boy's hat. The boy is holding the hat between his two hands and his face has a look of 'wonder' as to how the Magician just performed this miracle. On top of the Magician's table an empty glass, a couple balls and a top hat with silks draped over the hat's edge. On the floor are playing cards scattered about.

Some discoloration at the top, some page folding at lower right corner, but the overall appearance is actually pretty good. Please refer to the photo, below, for better detail.

Great period piece from the 1920s. - $45.00

4232-8938) SEYMOUR DAVIS On The Cover of MUM Magazine

The BONUS of this offering is Seymour Davis has Autographed The Front Cover!!

To Joyce, that great
lady of magic
Seymour Davis

Volume 71, #1 - June 1981 - $10.00



Published by Walter Graham of Omaha, Nebraska.

Printed quarterly and measuring 8 1/2"x11".

Volume 1, #1 thru Volume 4, #4 - June 1969 to October 1973.

What's offered here are 15 of the 16 issues.

I'm assuming these came directly from Walter Graham, all at one time, as there's a note in the back of the folder which reads:

"15 issues complete.
Complete except for
1 issue -
Volume 4, #1
Thurston ads & Reviews"

Beneath this, the paper is rubber stamped:

Walter B. Graham
1010 So. 91 Circle
Omaha, NE 68114

A total of 16 issues make up a complete file. Each issue having one (or more) Supplements.

Supplements Include:

Volume 1, #1 - June 1969 - Mahatma Volume 1, #1 (March 1895)
Volume 1, #2 - Sept. 1969 - Houdini's Red Magic Section -and- Houdini's Exposure of Talking Teakettle
Volume 1, #3 - December 1969 -
First Issue of Vaudeville, Volume 1, #9 (November 1895)
Volume 1, #4 - March 1970 - Series of Eight Programs

Volume 2, #1 - June 1970 - Second Issue of Vaudeville, Volume 1, #10 (November 23, 1895)
Volume 2, #2 - Sept. 1970 -
First Issue of Artist Era, Volume 1, #11 (February 4, 1896)
Volume 2, #3 - December 1970 -
Second Issue of Artist Era, Volume 1, #13 (February 25, 1896)
Volume 2, #4 - March 1971 - Howard Thurston's MAGIC WORLD 1914-15 Season

Volume 3, #1 - June 1971 - Old Tops, Volume 1, #1
Volume 3, #2 - Sept. 1971 - Magic City, Volume 1, #1
Volume 3, #3 - December 1971 - Magic Circle Séance Program 1906
Volume 3, #4 - March 1972 - The Magical Searchlight, N1

Volume 4, #1 - June 1972 - Thurston Ads and Reviews (issue and supplement missing, as per Mr. Graham's note)
Volume 4, #2 - Sept. 1972 - The Soldiers Adieu
Volume 4, #3 - December 1972 - The A.M.C.C. Review, Volume 1, #8
Volume 4, #4 - March 1973 - MAGIC, Volume 2, #2

For those of you who are collector's of America's first magic magazine: MAHATMA - this Magic Collector Reprint Series is a must - as it includes reprints of the Extremely Scarce/RARE Vaudeville and Artist Era issues.

Virtually a Compete File, only missing one issue/supplement - $200.00

4234-4724) THE GEISHA BOY starring Jerry Lewis

This is a 14”x36” poster (called a Panel or Insert Poster).

The Great Wooley (Jerry Lewis) is a magician who is entertaining GIs in Japan. Upon their arrival he causes a series of unfortunate mishaps for the headliner, actress Lola Livingston (Marie McDonald), including knocking her down a flight of stairs and rolling her up in the red carpet. An orphan, Mitsuo Watanabe (Robert Hirano) witnesses the spectacle and laughs for the first time since his parents died. When his aunt Kimi Sikita (Nobu McCarthy) brings the boy to Wooley to thank him, he and the boy become close, which irritates the aunt's boyfriend, a Japanese baseball player, as well as a stewardess (Suzanne Pleshette) who has fallen for Wooley.

Wooley continues to perform his act to large audiences in Japan, and not wanting to disappoint the boy by letting him find out that he is an unknown performer in the U.S., he tries to sneak away when it is time for him to return to America. The boy follows him, and Wooley must pretend that he no longer cares for the boy, which makes him cry. However, he still follows him to America by stowing away on the plane. Once in America, they are reunited and Wooley becomes a successful performer in America.

Top portion shows Lewis’ name and title of movie. Middle portion shows Lewis, seated, eating with chop sticks. To the left of this is the female star (Sessue Hayakawa). To the right, the boy star. Under this are cast and credits. The bottom portion shows Lewis (in full tux) holding a rabbit. As though he had just pulled it out of the top hat, which is on the table next to him. Scene also shows the female and boy stars, in their assistant costumes.

Poster is folded into quarters, as most All Posters of this size come.  After folding, the poster becomes almost the size of the Lobby Cards (11x14) and could be shipped off, with the film, to the next movie theatre. The folds are a little washed out in the photos below.

Only the 4th of these I've EVER had to offer. Overall condition would be Excellent for this 56 year old poster from 1958.

As the photos, below, show - the poster has been professionally Double Matted and placed in a metal Framed. Overall measurements of the frame approx. 21"x43"

On a scale of 1-10, I would call this one a 7. - $100.00 - or, if you want only the poster, without the frame - $75.00/(poster only)


LayAway is available, just email for details.



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