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Not to mention having been in magic since 1963!

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4327-4367) THE UNMASKING OF ROBERT-HOUDIN by Harry Houdini

London, George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, 1909.

Chestnut brown cloth pictorial hardcover with black lettering on the front cover and gold gilt titles on the spine, heavy stock paper. The spine has a bust or cameo of Houdin.

Prior to the contents page, there's a two page Addenda and Corrigenda to the writings of Mr. H. Evans by the author.

The book has a ding or two; a small chip on the edge of the spine -and- a small tear at the bottom of the spine.

Please refer to the photos, below, to see how it's actually in really great condition for being 107 years old.

There are five pages listing the approximately 225 illustrations.

333 pages which includes a full index.

Contents include:

The Significant Events in the Life of Robert-Houdin; The Orange-Tree Trick; The Writing and Drawing Figure; The Pastry Cook of the Palais Royal; The Obedient Cards---The Cabalistic Clock---The Trapeze Automation; The Inexhaustible Bottle; Second Sight; The Suspension Trick; The Disappearing Handkerchief; Robert-Houdinís Ignorance of Magic as Betrayed By His Own Pen; The Narrowness of Robert-Houdinís "Memoirs".

The book is HardBound and measures approx. 5 3/4"x8"

On the title page is a label for E.P. Dutton & Company of New York. It states "Published By", but the book was actually published, in 1909, by George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, London, England. I'm guessing Dutton was the distributor for copies to sold in the United States.

This is an Extremely Scarce book - $500.00



4328-3454) FULL Unused Sheet (20 stamps) of the 37cent HOUDINI STAMP From 2002

The sheet of stamps is as it would have come from the Post Office.

Brand new and ready to be used, saved, framed, etc.

The Houdini stamp was Ďofficially dedicatedí at the 2002 SAM convention, in New York City, with Houdiniís niece Marie Blood in attendance.

David Copperfield was there, too.

The portrait on the Harry Houdini stamp, which depicts a confident, self-assured man at the height of his career, was taken from a 1911 lithographed poster in the collection of Gary H. Mandelblatt. Designed by Richard Sheaff of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The stamp contains a hidden image which, when viewed through the official U.S. Postal Service Stamp Decoder, appears to wrap Houdini in chains.

20 stamps come to a sheet.

You get the sheet of stamps -and- the USPS First Day Cover for one price - $17.50

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When put together, according to the box, this measures 19"x27".

A pretty good size puzzle.

As the photo below shows, the puzzle image is the Famous 1906 Houdini Poster.

Due to the box being unopened and in its original/unwrapped shrink wrap, the photos look a little washed out.

Distributed by Selchow & Righter. No date is given.

Put another log on the fireplace and enjoy a relaxing evening. - $45.00


REMEMBER, all photos are Thumbnails - click on the photo to bring up the LARGER photo.


1@$45.00 and 3 @ $25.00each -or- take all four deals for $100.00

4173-6570)  HOUDINI DEAL #1

10 HOUDINI...and Beyond Posters - 20+ Years Ago, Award Winning Artist, Diane K. Sparks (no relation), did an Original painting of Houdini. From the Original, this poster was produced. The image area measures 21 1/2"x27 1/2". The overall poster measures 24"x36", which leaves plenty of boarder area - should you wish to have the poster framed. Poster is on a glossy paper stock with fade resistant ink. The words: "Harry Houdini Poster" are only super imposed for this listing and isn't on the actual poster itself. The Print shows Houdini bound in chains, while a ghostly image of his Mother looks on: from Beyond.

This is a great buy for those of you who like to set up at your local "Magic Club Flea Market" -or- "Magic Club Annual Auction" -or- Giveaway's for your Magic Club meeting.

Houdini Lot #1 - $45.00/for 10 posters

4174-8555)  HOUDINI DEAL #2

(a) Clipped out Houdini Magazine Photo. The magazine photo measures approx. 6"x5 3/4" and has to do with Shelton Pool underwater test on August 5, 1926. The Hindu fakir, Rahman Bey, was getting quite a lot of publicity by demonstrating his powers of producing uncanny effects. He would enter a cataleptic state, then would have himself buried in a coffin for ten minutes to half an hour. He would then receive the attention of scientific men who would write up the "phenomenal feats", of his having mystical powers. Houdini felt the fakir was deceiving the public and said he, HOUDINI, would prove that an ordinary man could do the same thing. So, at age 52, (and not in the best physical condition he had always been through out his life) came the Shelton pool event. Was he nuts? No, he was: HOUDINI!! Houdini was thus sealed in a metal coffin and submerged to the bottom of the Shelton Pool. Assistants had to sit on the coffin, to keep it from rising to the surface. Houdini not only stayed down for an hour, he actually stayed down for one hour, thirty-one minutes and thirty seconds. Thus making the fakir look the fool and getting Houdini all the publicity he could ever want.

(b) Theatre Review Article. The article measures 2 7/8"x10 3/8" and appears to be a review of Houdini's performance at the New York Hippodrome Theatre on November 1, 1918. Houdini vanishes an elephant -and later in the show- Houdini is nailed in a box, placed in a large tank of water and escapes from the box. Neither (a) or (b)  state which publication they were published in.

(c) SECRETs OF THE GREAT HOUDINI by Beryl Williams and Samuel Epstein. Six page (pp102-107) clipped out article from The Catholic Digest, February 1954. Condensed version of the author's book: "The Great Houdini" Measures approx. 5"x7 1/2"

(d) Clipped out Article from ARGOSY Magazine for December 1974. Volume 280, #6 - There are a couple of informative articles about Houdini in this issue. This starts with a nine page article by Bert Randolph Sugar entitled: "THE SECRET LIFE OF HOUDINI". Includes several nice photoís of Houdini and Houdini Posters. Sugar was also Editor in Chief of the Argosy magazine, at the time this issue was published. Two years later, Sugar went on to co-author the book: "HOUDINI, His Life and Art" with The Amazing Randi. Following this is the three page article: "THE REAL SECRETs BEHIND HOUDINIs TRICKs". This is an "excerpt" from J.C. Cannellís book "The Secrets of Houdini" "brought to you, the Argosy reader, for the first time in any magazine". Good reading 100 years after Houdiniís birth in 1874.

(e) THE VALLEY SCENE Magazine - Volume 2, #2 - September 1994 - published in Appleton, Wisconsin. Cover shows assorted items from the Houdini Historical Center. Inside the magazine is a full page article by Tom Breuer: HOUDINI - Appleton's most famous native son still draws crowds to his former home town. Measures approx. 11 1/4"x14"

(f) Brochure for the HOUDINI Historical Center in Appleton, Wisconsin.

(g) Brochure for "The Houdini Historic Walking Tour" in Appleton, Wisconsin.

(h) HOUDINI miniPoster. Measures 7 3/4"x15 1/4". In the upper left corner is a canceled Houdini 37cent stamp from 2002.

(i) Brochure for the MAGIC & MOVIE Hall of Fame, located inside O'Sheas Casino, Las Vegas.

(j) Another (Brochure for the MAGIC & MOVIE Hall of Fame, located inside O'Sheas Casino, Las Vegas.)

Houdini Lot #2 - $25.00/for everything

a,b)   c)    d)

e)   f,g,h,i,j)

4176-7999)  HOUDINI DEAL #3

This lot contains programs, playbills, newspaper articles, etc. all having to do with theatrical plays about HOUDINI

(a) Houston Performances Arts and Theatre Magazine, April 1992. The show: "American Vaudeville". A great re-enactment of an evening of Vaudeville with cast members portraying HOUDINI, W.C. Fields, Mae West and so so many more, at the Alley Theatre, Houston, Texas.

(b) Brochure of Ragtime, The Musical. November 19, 1996. Ford Centre for the Performing Arts - Toronto, Canada.

(c) Newspaper advertisement for Ragtime, The Musical. November 19, 1996. 4 1/4"x10 1/2". Ford Centre for the Performing Arts - Toronto, Canada.

(d) Goodspeed Musical brochure advertising the upcoming plays - including Houdini, the Musical from September 24th to December 14th, 1997. East Haddam, Connecticut.

(e) Large PostCard advertising Houdini, the Musical. Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire, Illinois. March 31st thru June 6th 1999.

(f) Newspaper advertising Houdini, the Musical. Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire, Illinois. March 31st thru June 6th 1999. 6"x10 1/4"

(g)(h) Stagebill for Houdini, the Musical. Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire, Illinois. March 31st thru June 6th 1999. (cover and inside)

(i) Full page article, in the Chicago Sun-Times, for Houdini, the Musical. April 2, 1999. 12"x13"

(j) Almost full page article, in the Chicago Sun-Times, for Houdini, the Musical. April 9, 1999. 7"x12 1/2" (actual size of Houdini article)

(k) 9"x4 1/2" article, in the Chicago Tribune, for Houdini, the Musical. April 9, 1999.

(l) Playbill, The Opera House Manchester, England. Volume 1, #7, October 1966. October 22, and running two weeks, MAN (Houdini) OF MAGIC production with Stuart Damon, Judith Bruce, Stubby Kaye (and many more). This playbill has a total of seven pages devoted to the Houdini play. Outlining those appearing, synopsis of the scenes, bio's on all the players, etc.

Houdini Lot #4 - $25.00/for everything


b,c)  d)  e,f,g,h)

i)  j) k)  l)

4247-7547) MODERN MAGIC MANUAL by Jean Hugard

Copyright 1939 and published by Harper & Brothers of New York and London.

Third Edition.

Introduction by Julien J. Proskauer.

Foreword by Theo Hardeen (Houdini's Brother).

The content pages were so detailed, I have reproduced them below for ease in reading.

Book measures approx. 6"x8 3/4".

On the inside front cover is my bookplate.

The BONUS of this offering is the book is signed THREE times to Dan F. Norton.

On the free end page:

Dan F. Norton
with all good wishes
Jean Hugard
Feb. 1942

On the "Introduction" page:

To Dan F. Norton
who will find on page XIV
some information on sales - he
won't need.
Julien J. Proskauer
Past President

Also included is a 1936 SAM membership card signed by SAM President Proskauer.

This card has nothing to do with the book - just a nice Proskauer tie in piece.

On the 2nd page of the "Foreword" Page:

To Dan F. Norton
with kindest regards

It doesn't get much better than this. Signed by the Author (Jean Hugard) - well known magician Julien J. Proskauer -and- Houdini's brother: Hardeen.

HardBound with DustJacket and 345pages. - $500.00


4209-5599) AMERICAN HERITAGE Magazine. April 1972. Volume 13, #3.

This magazine comes HardBound, instead of paperbound like most magazines.

Contains: "Houdini's High-Flying Hoax" by Art Ronnie.

A wonderful article about the airplanes which collided, during the filming of Houdini's 1919 movie: "The Grim Game".

A full six photos, in this article -plus- great reading on what was almost tragic, but turned out to be the best thing for the movie.

Houdini offered a Huge Reward to anyone who could prove this scene, in the movie, was not for real.

Since it DID Happen, this was a pretty safe bet and smart of Houdini to capitalize on the publicity, of the almost fatal stunt. - $15.00


4203-1328) Reproduction DustJackets/Covers For HOUDINI Books

Do you have a nice (or even not so nice) edition of some Houdini book, but lack the original DustJacket or cover?

Well, how about a nice reproduction, till you find the original?

The book will certainly look better, on your bookshelf, than it does now.

Many years back, some of my customers asked to purchase a repro DJ and I did this for a short while, but then stopped.

I've been using those, I have left, as bonus/giveaway's, when I'd have a Houdini book for sale and it was lacking the original DJ.

Now that I'm retired and no longer a buyer, I thought I'd offer my remaining repro DJs to my customer base.

These repro's were made, a while back, from the Original DustJackets, I had in my personal collection, but have now been sold.

These repro's were made on high quality laser color professional copiers. Not a home copier.

Originally each repro DJ consisted of two pages (left/right sides of the DJ, from middle to end), which have been trimmed, followed by carefully matching the two pieces together, then taped in place.

These will be shipped flat and you place them on your book, matching up the spine, then folding the ends inside the front/back covers to keep it in place - just like you would a regular DJ.

Quantities are limited and I will list how many of each are available, in case you need an extra or want to use one as a gift -and- surprise a friend.

Those available are:

(a) THE MASTER MYSTERY. Houdini's 1919 movie, which also had a photoplay hardbound book issued. One such copy (with original DJ) just sold on Ebay for a little over $500.00. Measures approx. 16 1/4"x7 1/2" - 5 4 3 2 available @ $15.00each

(b) HOUDINIs/MARGERY Expose'. The first edition was published in 1924. Since this book was more like a pamphlet, this particular cover would just be folded in half and placed around your copy. Measures approx. 11 7/8"x9" - 5 4 3 available @ $10.00each

(c) HOUDINIs PAPER MAGIC. The first edition was published in 1922. Measures approx. 18 1/2"x7 1/2" - 5 4 3  2available @ $15.00each

(d) HOUDINIs PAPER MAGIC. States 5th printing, which would have published in December 1941. Measures approx. 18 1/2"x7 5/8" - 5 4  3 available @ $10.00each

(e) HOUDINIs MAGIC by Walter B. Gibson. The first edition was published in 1932. Measures approx. 19 3/4"x8" - 3 2 1 available @ $10.00each

(f) HOUDINIS LIFE STORY by Harold Kellock. This first edition was published in 1928. Measures approx. 20 5/8"x8 3/4" - 5 4 3  2 available @ $15.00each

(g) HOUDINIS LIFE STORY by Harold Kellock. I'm not sure which edition, this DJ came from. Measures approx. 19"x8 1/8" -  4  3 available @ $10.00each

If you purchase three or more of these, I'll give you a 20% discount on the order.

Once these are all sold and gone - I'm out!!

(a) (b)

(c) (d)


(f) (g)

4212-4117) HOUDINI - THE MASTER MAGICIAN. His Life and Some of His Secrets by Harold Kellock.

This appears as the Lead Article for the March 1928 issue of The American Magazine. Volume 105, #3.

The article is spread out over a total of Seven Pages and has Four Photos.

As the magazine puts it:

"This is about Houdini the magician, and Houdini the man. Everyone knows of Houdini, but very few persons really knew him, and of these his wife knew him best of all".

The magazine is missing the back cover and pages 75/76, 135/136. Pages 73/74 loose. None of this affects the Houdini article, it is complete and intact.

Great early reading just 17 months after Houdini passed away. - $15.00



4213-9731) HOUDINI - THE MASTER MAGICIAN. His early hardships, the beginning of his fame, and the explanation of some of his tricks by Harold Kellock.

April 1928 issue of The American Magazine. Volume 105, #4.

The article is spread out over a total of TEN Pages and has SEVEN Photos.

Again, Great early reading just 18 months after Houdini passed away.

The magazine is complete and intact. - $15.00


(Take the pair for $25.00)

4214-3648) LAUGHING AT LOCKSMITHs by Brian Lead.

Before Brian Lead and Roger Woods published there book: HARRY HOUDINI, Legend & Legacy - Brian Lead had published his manuscript entitled: LAUGHING AT LOCKSMITHs

20 pages and measures approx. 8 1/4"x11 3/4"

No publishing date given.

Chapterís include:

Introduction and Acknowledgments

Laughing At Locksmiths:
The Legend and the Legacy of Harry Houdini

The Indomitable Miss Minerva...And Friends

Strong Dick of Blackburn

What's In A Name?

Last page shows a reproduction of a flyer for "Miller And His Men".
Towards the end, of the flyer, shows them performing the Musical Farce:
Love Laughs At Locksmiths

The BONUS of this item - itís AUTOGRAPHED by Brian Lead. - $45.00

4215-5789) HARRY HOUDINI, Legend & Legacy by Brian Lead and Roger Woods

PaperBound with 56 pages and measures approx. 6"x8 1/2".

Published in 1993 by the authors in England.

Chapterís include:


Prologue: An Improbable Fiction

The Indomitable Miss Minerva..and Friends

Houdini and The Mysto Challenge

Strong Dick and The Mystery of The 'Young Houdini'

The Wilson Challenge; Blackburn 1903

Epilogue: Did Houdini Fail?


The BONUS of this offering, the book is signed and numbered by the authors, on the inside cover. #82 of 500.

I have blocked out who the book was signed to.

A great piece of work which started out as a lecture, for their magic club, and became the book EVERYBODY should read. - $45.00


4217-6389) HOUDINI...and beyond Magazine Advertising PROOF

ONLY 3 Exists!! Two have sold, this is the last one.

Back in 1992, I took an Original pastel HOUDINI painting and had a limited number of quality art prints made.

I, also, ran full page color advs. in GENII and MAGIC magazines.

In order to run the advertisements, I had to have made four-color separation negatives and a PROOF.

Only 3 PROOFs were made and I'm offering the last one here.

The Advertisement Reads:

Award Winning Texas Artist, Diane K. Sparks, presents her latest work: HOUDINI...and beyond. An original; limited to a worldwide distribution of only 500 art prints. Each hand numbered and signed by the artist. Print measures 22x28 on 65lb acid free cover paper with fade-resistant ink. Price: $50.00 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling for U.S.A. Delivery. Foreign orders write for shipping price. Please send check or money order (Sorry no Charges) to: Stephen A. Sparks 2142 Little Cedar Dr; Kingwood, Texas 77339 USA

The image shows HOUDINI bound in chains, while a ghostly image of his Mother looks on: from Beyond.

Ad piece has been double matted and shrink wrapped, with form core backing.

The first photo, below, was taken with my digital camera and is a little washed out, due to the shrink wrap covering. The second is from my scanner and a much better quality photo.

The words "" are not on the image - only superimposed, here, for this offering. And, there's a small printers ink smudge in the lower right corner of the white border area. If you had this piece re-matted, this would be hidden.

Measures 12"x16" - a standard size, so you can buy a nice ready made frame -and- hang on your wall. - $100.00


4225-6454) DANTE The Magician Tobacco Card

From the IN TOWN TONIGHT Churchman Tobacco Cards, from 1938, issued by the Imperial Tobacco Co. of Great Britain and Ireland.

Thereís a detailed description on the back of the card.

The card is in Near Mint Condition -and- would look great Framed.

The card measures approximately 1 3/8"x2 5/8". - $10.00


4234-4724) THE GEISHA BOY starring Jerry Lewis

This is a 14Ēx36Ē poster (called a Panel or Insert Poster).

The Great Wooley (Jerry Lewis) is a magician who is entertaining GIs in Japan. Upon their arrival he causes a series of unfortunate mishaps for the headliner, actress Lola Livingston (Marie McDonald), including knocking her down a flight of stairs and rolling her up in the red carpet. An orphan, Mitsuo Watanabe (Robert Hirano) witnesses the spectacle and laughs for the first time since his parents died. When his aunt Kimi Sikita (Nobu McCarthy) brings the boy to Wooley to thank him, he and the boy become close, which irritates the aunt's boyfriend, a Japanese baseball player, as well as a stewardess (Suzanne Pleshette) who has fallen for Wooley.

Wooley continues to perform his act to large audiences in Japan, and not wanting to disappoint the boy by letting him find out that he is an unknown performer in the U.S., he tries to sneak away when it is time for him to return to America. The boy follows him, and Wooley must pretend that he no longer cares for the boy, which makes him cry. However, he still follows him to America by stowing away on the plane. Once in America, they are reunited and Wooley becomes a successful performer in America.

Top portion shows Lewisí name and title of movie. Middle portion shows Lewis, seated, eating with chop sticks. To the left of this is the female star (Sessue Hayakawa). To the right, the boy star. Under this are cast and credits. The bottom portion shows Lewis (in full tux) holding a rabbit. As though he had just pulled it out of the top hat, which is on the table next to him. Scene also shows the female and boy stars, in their assistant costumes.

Poster is folded into quarters, as most All Posters of this size come.  After folding, the poster becomes almost the size of the Lobby Cards (11x14) and could be shipped off, with the film, to the next movie theatre. The folds are a little washed out in the photos below.

Only the 4th of these I've EVER had to offer. Overall condition would be Excellent for this 56 year old poster from 1958.

As the photos, below, show - the poster has been professionally Double Matted and placed in a metal Framed. Overall measurements of the frame approx. 21"x43"

On a scale of 1-10, I would call this one a 7. - $125.00 - or, if you want only the poster, without the frame - $75.00/(poster only)


4218-3687) APPLETON CRESCENT, Special Edna Ferber Edition

Printed in Houdini's hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, July 29, 2002.

Approx. 12 1/2"x21 1/2", one sheet, printed on both sides.

While this paper was a Special Edition about the Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and telling of the postage stamp about to be issued in her honor - this paper has also reprinted an article, which Edna Ferber wrote back on July 23, 1904, when she interviewed HOUDINI.

The Houdini piece spans two nice LONG columns, complete with Houdini photo, at the bottom of the page.

Now here's something you don't see everyday!! - $12.50


LayAway is available, just email for details.



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