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From the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame and the Houdini-Hardeen Collection.

Professionally framed, with reproduction portrait of Houdini -and- Certificate of Authenticity signed by Henry Muller, Owner and Curator, Houdini Magical Hall of Fame -and- Sidney Radner, Honorary Curator, Houdini Historical Centre.

This offering was part of the 1999 Butterfield and Butterfield auction, in Los Angeles, on November 15, 1999.

Auction catalogue is included with this offering.


The catalogue list 465 auctions lots with 150+ COLOR photo illustrations.

SoftBound with 67pages.

The catalogue measures approx. 8 1/2"x11".

The auction description states:

Houdini German Lock
From the Houdini Historical Center
Small smoothed metal padlock with key
from Harry Houdini's personal collection.
This particular type of lock dates back to the
1800s. Together with reproduction
photograph of Houdini and letter of
provenance signed by Sidney Radner.
Honorary Curator of the Houdini Historical
Center. Framed in shadowbox.
14 1/4 inches by 15 3/4 inches
See Illustration
Estimate 6,000/8000

This offering - featured with photo, etc. on page 60 of the auction catalogue - $6,000.00



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The program shows all the acts performing in "Charles Dillingham presents "CHEER UP" A Musical Revue in 3 Cheers".

Houdini appears twice on the bill.

Houdini's two appearances in the programs are:

(First appearance) EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT OF THE WORLD-FAMOUS HOUDINI. Who Offers His Latest Creation, "The Vanishing Elephant". The Most Colossal Disappearing Mystery that History Records. Dissolving into thin air, on the largest stage in the world, an elephant weighing 10,000 pounds. Before one’s very eyes, in a full blaze of light, with bewildering rapidity, this pachyderm monster suddenly eludes the vision.

(Second appearance) EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT OF THE WORLD-FAMOUS HOUDINI. Introducing at every performance his original, uncanny and perilous feat of extrication. The Submersible Iron-Bound Box Mystery. Manacled and roped, Houdini will be nailed into an iron-bound box burdened with 300 pounds of weights, and the box lowered into a tank containing 500,000 gallons of water. The box, being perforated, will fill with water within twenty seconds. To escape drowning, Houdini must therefore release himself while submerged. A committee of investigation is invited on stage at every performance.

Earlier in the program, Houdini has a Full Page Advertisement, which shows a packing case, roped and being lowered over the side of a ship, with an oval insert photo of Houdini.

The adv. states:

"The World’s Most Famous Dare-Devil HOUDINI In The Submersible Iron-Bound Box Mystery. Note - it is generally conceded that it is a physical impossibility for any Human being to escape from a submerged submarine. Houdini submits this marvelous experiment as suggesting a possible solution." At the lower left corner of this adv. is: "© HOUDINI 1917."

As can be seen from the photo's below, this program is really in Great Condition. The front/back covers are loose. Half of the 5cent seal is still attached to the rear cover and ruminants of the other half, on the front cover.

This was Houdini's Longest Run at any one theatre. 19 weeks, from Jan. 7th to May 18th, 1918.- $250.00 (Sorry, this program has sold)



This Harry Houdini Collectible Bear was issued in 2002 by the U.S. Postal Service.

The brown bear is 10" tall.

The bear is dressed in a black velvet tuxedo with tails, white satin shirt, bow tie and red rose.

The image of the Harry Houdini Stamp is embroidered on the left side of the tuxedo with "Harry Houdini" embroidered on the front of the shirt

The word "Magic" is embroidered on the bottom of the left foot.

A 37cent Houdini stamp would have been attached to the bear - for some reason, there's not one here.

This being the case, we're including a WHOLE SHEET OF THE 37cent HOUDINI STAMP

20 stamps come to a sheet.

The portrait, on the Harry Houdini stamp, depicting a confident, self-assured man at the height of his career, was taken from a 1911 lithographed poster in the collection of Gary H. Mandelblatt. Designed by Richard Sheaff of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The stamp contains a hidden image which, when viewed through the official U.S. Postal Service Stamp Decoder (not included), appears to wrap Houdini in chains.

You get BOTH the HOUDINI Bear and compete sheet of HOUDINI Stamps for the one price of: $47.50  (Sorry, these two items have sold)


For what was billed as the MID CENTURY CONVENTION in New York, the SAM and IBM got together and had this stamp created IN MEMORIAM of the 25th anniversary of Houdini’s passing.

A single stamp measures a little over 1 1/2”x2” (larger than our postage stamps of today), it has purple lettering and drawings of Houdini, set against an off-white background.

What's offered here are three different sets of two stamps - you choose the pair you'd like.

Now 64 years old itself  - $25.00each


b)   c)


Handwritten, on the top margin is what appears to be the date of 10/29/95.

As a lead in to the article, it states:

Houdini died on Halloween 69 years ago, nine days after being punched in his Princess Theatre dressing room by a McGill "student", Joscelyn Gordon Whitehead. Montreal corporation lawyer, Sam Smiley, who died last July at the age of 89, was in Houdini's backstage room when the incident took place. The following is from an account of the incident that Smiley gave Bell (the articles author) in 1982.

Nice large photo of Sam Smiley - also a photo insert of Houdini.

The article measures approx. 9"x16 3/4".

Want to know what happened to Houdini, that fateful day? Here's the story, directly from someone who was there. - $50.00

4187-5564) DRINKER's DREAM by Frank C. Andreuzzi

Blueprints, Instructions and Photo.

The Blueprints and Instructions are Copyright dated 1970 - the photo shows "Oct. 1971"


The performer shows the audience an empty 12 ounce, tall drinking glass, puts several ice cubes in it and places it on the top shelf. The doors are closed. Within seconds the doors are opened, and to everyone's amazement, the glass is filled with your favorite "highball". Next, an empty champagne glass is shown to the audience, placed on the top shelf and the doors closed. Again after several seconds the doors are thrown open and your favorite vintage of "champagne" is revealed. Repeating the first production, only this time using a 12 ounce Coke glass, you magically produce a popular "soft drink". This time an empty wine glass is shown, placed on the shelf, doors closed, and upon opening the doors there stands a full glass of your favorite "red wine". You climax the effect by placing an empty 32 ounce glass pitcher on the top shelf and, to every beer drinkers delight, produce a full pitcher of real beer. To further heighten their joy you pour 6 foaming glassed of beer and pass them to the audience for drinking.

The original Blueprint measures 30 1/4"x17 3/4" and is printed on one side only. - $50.00 (Sorry, this item has sold)

4188-5656) ROTOGRAVURE PHOTOs - Inserted into Sphinx Magazines (Sorry, these have all sold to one buyer for $150.00 )


What's offered here are 10 sets of  wonderful photographs, which THE SPHINX Magazine inserted in their magazines.

When folded, the first one measures 8 1/4"x11" and the rest measure 8 1/2"x11 1/2" each. What's nice about these, there's enough margin you could trim the photos, down to 8"x10", and frame them.

Most sections are four pages; one is eight pages; and the last one is a full 20 pages.

The four page sections are $15.00each - the one eight page section is $20.00 -and- the 20page section is $35.00
Or, take all 10 sets for $150.00

Below list the magazines dates and whose photo is shown.

March 1931 - Carl Hertz - Frederick Eugene Powell - T. Nelson Downs - Harry Rouclere - Harry Kellar - Imro Fox - Buatier De Kolta - Servias Le Roy - William E. Robinson (Chung Ling Soo) - Harry Houdini - Howard Thurston - Horace Goldin - Ching Ling Foo - $20.00


April 1931 - William J. Hilliar - John Mulholland and Dr. A.M. Wilson - Alexander Herrmann - Karl Herrmann - Wizard Jacobs - Wyman The Wizard - Macalister - J.N. Maskelyne - Jonathan Harrington - Robert Heller - Antonio Blitz - $15.00


May 1931 - J.W. Elliott, M.D. - Okito: Theo Bamberg - Gus Fowler - Carl Rosini - Robert Houdin - 3 photo showing famous tricks of India - 13 photos show the hands of famous magicians (Leipzig, Dorny, Tampa, Charlton, Joseffy, Jane Thurston, Howard Thurston, Holden, Tarbell, Gwynne, Laurant, Yettmah, and Mulholland) - $15.00


June 1931 - Ten Itchi - Max Holden - Al Baker - Angelo Lewis (Professor Hoffmann) - John William Sargent - T. Nelson Downs - Mildred&Rouclere - Frederick Eugene Powell - Horace Goldin, Harry and Bess Houdini - E. Maro - William E. Robinson - $15.00


July 1931 - David Devant - Arnold De Biere - Douglas Dexter - Oswald Williams - Harry Blackstone - The Howard Thurston Show Troupe - Jasper Maskelyne - Jack Gwynne - Three generations of the Maskelyne family - $15.00


August 1931 - W.W. Durbin - Dorny - Three panoramic photos of magician in the 1930s - $15.00


 September 1931 - Eugene Laurant - Hardeen - Gwynne and Company - Nate Leipzig - $15.00


October 1931 -  Ching Ling Foo and Company - Fred Keating - S.S. Henry - Cardini - $15.00


 November 1931 - Ade Duval - David Devant - Chris Charlton - McDonald Birch - $15.00


March 1941 - Tarbell - Alexander Herrmann - Buatier DeKolta - Harry Kellar - Howard Thurston - Harry Houdini - T. Nelson Downs - Horace Goldin - Nate Leipzig - David Bamberg (Fu Manchu) - Birch - Harry Blackstone - Cardini - Chang - Keith Clark - Ade Duval - Frakson - Hardeen - Will Rock - Paul Rosini - $35.00

4189-7399)  THE VANISHING MAN, The Amazing Johnathan's Final Curtain by Julie Seabaugh

The LAS VEGAS WEEKLY Magazine - January 15-21, 2015

Inside, a five page article (with photos).

Tag line on the first page, of the article:

"Body failing and mind on fire, The Amazing Johnathan reflects on his bloody, buzzed, gloriously unhinged legacy"

A large size format magazine, in that it measures 10 1/4"x13 1/4" - $20.00


To start off with is Houdin's French commemorative stamp from 1971.

The 7"x8 1/2" paper has the stamp in a protective holder, with Robert-Houdin images around.

At the bottom of the paper is states: "Supplement #43a to The Magic Cauldron".

Along with the stamp is a "CLUB 71" #7 issue magazine from Autumn 1973.

A British publication with 20pages, from cover to cover.

Cover sports a caricature of Robert-Houdin performing a Chop Cup routine using little people.

Both items are offered, for the one price of: $20.00

4191-4573) THE READERs DIGEST Magazine. Volume 101, #604. August 1972.

Inside, a five page biographical account of on the life of Robert-Houdin entitled: "The Magic Touch of Robert-Houdin" by Curtis Cate.

As the magazine states:

A Mechanical genius and master of the sleight of hand, he gave the magician's art a new dimension that still dazzles in our day.

This magazine would be a nice edition for you Robert-Houdin collector's, who might have missed this issue. - $15.00


4192-5898) HARPERs NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, "New Monthly Magazine".

Volume 55, #330 - November 1877.

Well, it might have been new then, but it's 137+ YEARs OLD TODAY!!!

On page 817 begins a Very Historic 15 page article on ROBERT HOUDIN entitled:

"The King of Conjurers"

There are 11 illustrations - these include:

Robert-Houdin - The Old Style of Trick Table - Houdin's Trick Table - The Conjurer's Parlor - The Conjurer's Ghost - The Magic Basket - The Double Bottom - The Bust of Socrates - The Four Harps - Houdin's Spirit Rapper - The Cabinet Trick.

In addition to these 11 illustrations there are 7 diagrams!!

A ton of information on the man HOUDINI would idolize, when first starting out as a Magician.

A great offering for you Robert-Houdin collectors. - $75.00


4193-3188) 8x10 PHOTOGRAPH OF BESS HOUDINI  and EDWARD SAINT at a banquet table. Photo #1.

"Bailey - Mrs. Houdini - Saint" written in pencil on the backside.

Rubber stamped on backside:

Advertising Photography
By The Loomis Studio
707 East Broadway
Glendale Hotel Bldg.
Cltrus 27456 CHapman 52058

I couldn't identify any of the other attendee's of this banquet - maybe you can?!! - $85.00

Quick note from Bev Bergeron, telling me the gentleman four over from Ed Saint,
on the far right hand side wearing glasses is Floyd Thayer. Thanks, Bev!!



4194-4207) 8x10 PHOTOGRAPH OF BESS HOUDINI  and EDWARD SAINT at a banquet table. Photo #2.

"Ed Saint" written in pencil on the backside.

Rubber stamped on backside:

Advertising Photography
By The Loomis Studio
707 East Broadway
Glendale Hotel Bldg.
Cltrus 27456 CHapman 52058

I couldn't identify any of the other attendee's of this banquet - maybe you can?!! - $85.00

Quick note from Bev Bergeron, telling me the gentleman four over from Ed Saint,
on the far right hand side wearing glasses and arms crossed, is Floyd Thayer. Thanks, Bev!!


(Buy both for the combined price of $150.00)

DOROTHY YOUNG (1907-2011)

She was an American entertainer who worked as a stage assistant to legendary magician Harry Houdini for 1925-1926 touring season. She left the act two months prior to his death on October 31, 1926. She appears in the 2005 television documentary "Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery". After Houdini's death, she appeared on Broadway in "Jarnegan" (1928-1929), "Conquest" (1933), and "New Faces of 1936". After leaving acting, she and her husband, Gilbert Kiamie, toured the world as the popular Latin dancing team of "Dorothy and Gilbert". She is the author of two novels loosely based on her life: "Diary Without Dates" and "Dancing on a Dime", the latter of which was made into a feature film in 1940 by Universal Studios. She, also, wrote the booklet "Touring with Houdini", published in 2003. Young was the last living member of Houdini's touring show.

4195-5432) THE LINKING RING Magazine - Volume 76, #7 - July 1996

Inside, a four page article entitled: Dorothy Young, Houdini's "Radio Girl".

The article touches on Ms. Young's life with Houdini, her husband and her Houdini art work, which was donated to the Houdini Historical Center, in Appleton, Wisconsin.

A nice collectible on Houdini's last living assistant - $15.00


4196-8732) COLLECTORs FORUM Magazine -and- PHOTOGRAPH

The magazine was published quarterly by Fred Evans of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Volume 5, #4 - November 1995, which was the last issue of the magazine run.

Measures approx. 5 1/2"x8 1/2", with 56pages, from cover to cover.

Articles include:

Editorial Good Bye - The Voice From The Attic (with repro copy included) - Houdini and Thurston on the Same Vaudeville Bill? by Ron Hilgert - Index of Articles in the Yankee Magic Collector, Numbers 1-6 - Reviews by Gary Hunt - Harlan Tarbell: Master Teacher of Magic by Howard F. Puff - - Dorothy Young: Houdini's Last On Stage Assistant by Stephen A. Sparks - Does That Look Like His Other Signature? by Stephen A. Sparks - Why The Big Spread? by Stephen A. Sparks - Curious Artistry by Enrique Jimenez-Martinez - Some Publishing Curiosities Associated With Charles Lang Neil by Edwin A. Dawes - An Update on Three "Old" and one "New" Magical Magazine by Rev. Wm. F. Baker, Jr. - A Profile on Micky Hades by Stephen J. Forrester - Contributor List.

The cover was personally signed, by Dorothy Young:

Best Wishes - Dorothy Young

Also, included with this offering is an reproduction photo (overall size 8"x10") of the 'very young' Dorothy Young, assisting Houdini in his stage illusion "Radio Girl of 1950".

This, too, has been personally signed by Dorothy Young:

Best wishes from Houdini's Radio Girl - Dorothy Young

A great couple pieces of Americana and Houdiniana. - $50.00

LayAway is available, just email for details.



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