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4283-5455) A Candid View of Maskelyne's 1916-17

By Anne Davenport and John Salisse.

Copyright 1995. Published by John Davenport. Leicester, Great Britain.

Chapters include:

From Piccadilly to Langham Place
A Magic Circle Show: Pitman’s Opinion
Wednesday Evening, 28 June 1916
Wednesday Evening, 15 November 1916
Friday Evening, 29 December 1916
Friday Afternoon, 4 May 1917
Tuesday Afternoon, 29 May 1917
Wednesday Evening, 29 August 1917

The Appendix includes:
Rival Magic Shows
The Four Elements of Alchemy
The Spirits Are Here!
Three Un-produced Illusions

PaperBound. 72pages.

For the most part, this book hasn't been available for a LONG time. - $45.00


4284-6325) Antonio Diavolo, A Souvenir of his Performance

Concerning the History And Restoration of Robert-Houdin’s Celebrated Trapeze Automaton.

Written by John Gaughan, with Jim Steinmeyer. Published by the authors.

Second edition, published in 1999, and limited to 500 copies.

Almost a dozen illustrations and photographs (one in color). 23pages. -
$45.00 (Sorry, this book has sold)


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While a complete original file can cost THOUSANDs of dollars - this reprint (limited to only 350 editions) was Wonderfully published by Kaufmann and Greenberg, in 1994.

MAHATMA was the First major magazine, in English, since "The Conjuror's Magazine" in the late 1700s.

Some time prior to March 1895, Francis J. Martinka, one of the pioneer manufactures and dealers of magical goods in New York, and proprietor of "The Magical Palace" at No. 483 Sixth Avenue, conceived the idea of publishing a magical paper and calling it: "Mahatma".

He had conceived the novel design appearing on the issues, and had gone so far as to have an electro made of this

About the middle of February 1895, Mr. Martinka concluded it would be best not to allow the publication of a magical journal to conflict with his already large business interests.

He then turned over "Mahatma", with all the news he had gathered for publication in the initial number, to Mr. George H. Little, who financed its publication from March 1895, until, and including the October 1895 issue.

At this time, Mr. Little decided to issue the paper weekly instead of monthly and changed its title to "Vaudeville", and the first issue of the paper, under this name, appeared in November 1895 (Vol.1, #9) to be followed by one more issue "Vaudeville" (Vol.1, #10), which was dated November 23, 1895.

The publication "Vaudeville" was then suspended and "Mahatma" reappeared (as No. 9 of Vol.1) in March 1898.

Little also produced two issues, of another magazine, called: "Artist-Era" - shortly after "Vaudeville" and before returning to publishing "Mahatma".

I'm including the four reproductions below.

Volume 1, #1 of Mahatma; one of the issues of Vaudeville -and- the two issues of Artist Era.

These each measure approx. 8 7/8"x11 3/4" each.

The first issues of "Mahatma" were printed by George H. Little (on a Washington hand press) in the rear of Martinka’s. What better place, since Martinka’s had been known, for years, as the Magicians’ Headquarters. It was only natural that the Martinka’s were the recipients of all the magical news of the day. This information  they turned over to Mr. Little, for his printing plant, in the rear of their shop -and thus- "Mahatma", the pioneer of all magical journalism, was launched into the World of Magic.

Editor’s for the various issues were:
V1,#1 to V3,#8 - George H. Little
V3,#9 to V5,#2 - Walter G. Peterkin
V5,#3 to V9,#8 - T. Francis Fritz

This important magic periodical ran from March 1895 to February 1906

It is A Must for the magic historian.

The issues are loaded with photos and information, on the magic scene of the time.

Besides the many advs for the various Magic Dealers, etc., you'll also find a number of early ads for Houdini, some with photos. Possibly Houdini's First ads.

Nicely bound in two LARGE volumes (Volumes 1 to 4 -and- Volumes 5 to 9) - all protected in a matching color slip case. - $285.00(for everything) (Sorry, this Mahatma lot has sold)

There were a total of 12 Inserts included during the magazine's run.

I'm including color copies of five of them:

Volume 1, #4 - "A. J. Martyne Full Page Advertising Sheet. King of Platform Entertainers". Printed in blue and brown on white paper. One side only. Inserted between pages 6 and 7.

Volume 3, #7 - Full page insert advertising Houdini as the "Top Liner Engagement on the Keith Circuit". Two photo’s of Houdini. One chained, the other he’s out of the chains and holding them all interlocked and dangling from above his head, down to his knees. Printed in black ink on white paper, on one side only. (I've seen the original insert sell anywhere from $500.00 to $1250.00 by itself.

Volume 6, #6 - Half sheet size (4"x9 1/4") advertising sheet. "The Hen as an Advertiser" + "Frank Ducrot" + Ad from "Mahatma" themselves telling about the special holiday issue of Mahatma. This was the first, and to my knowledge, the only insert with the word "Supplement" printed on it. Printed in black ink on regular white paper.

Volume 7, #6 - Two inserts. (1) a 5 1/2"x8" Mahatma advertising sheet offering "Later Magic". -and- (2) an oversized (9"x15 1/2") full page advertising flyer for New York Magical Co. (the second, reproduced on two sheets of paper, which could be cut down and matched up - to bring it back to its original size.


Published by Goodliffe in Birmingham and Alcester, England.

The World's ONLY Weekly magazine!!

Complete Volumes consisted of only 26 issues - even though published weekly.

Volume 44, #1120,1121,1122,1123,1124,1130 - Saturday, July 15th 1967 to Saturday, September 23rd 1967

Volume 45, #1153 - Saturday, March 2nd 1968

Volume 53, #1378 - Saturday, June 24th, 1972

Volume 71, #1825 - Saturday, January 17th 1981

Great British magazines from way back. - $15.00(for all nine)

REMEMBER, all photos are Thumbnails - click on the photo to bring up the LARGER photo.

The Below Have Been Discounted for our Holiday Sales.
Prices will be good through December 15th, 2015


Music by Peter Schat and text by Adrian Mitchell.

An Original 3-record box ‘LP’ set of records from this 1977 production performed (in English) in Amsterdam.

Jerold Norman played Houdini. Howard Peters was the Escapologist. Stage sets were by Floris Guntenaar. Costumes by Leonie Polak. Directed by Donya Feuel.

This is a Live recording, of the first performance, by the Netherlands Opera Foundation.

This 3-record box set is in NearMint Condition and Unused. A little fading, to the outside cover, on left side.

Truly a SCARCE recording. - $50.00 Special price of $40.00


Original Near-MINT Condition Poster

For you Houdini and Magic Poster Collector's, I am offering a VERY SCARCE item. This Poster is from Amsterdam.

In 1977 "HOUDINI, A Circus Opera" debuted in Amsterdam, Holland. It also had performances in Aspen, Colorado(1979) - then again back in Amsterdam (1981). Jerold Norman played HOUDINI for all the productions. Howard Peters played the Escapologist for the 1977 production, then Mark Mazzarella played the Escapologist for the 1979 and 1981 productions.

The Striking image of Houdini, used for the Poster, came from an Original Painting by the Set Director, Floris Guntenaar.

The original painting measured a Massive 8'x13' (that's feet, not inches) and valued at over $12,000.00

The photo, below, shows the approx. 31"x65" Poster, which was used to advertise the Houdini Opera.

This is the Original Poster, not a reproduction.

Originally purchased, years ago, from Floris Guntenaar.

How nice would this look hanging on your wall?!! - $75.00 Special price of $65.00

(Or, purchase both the poster and LP recording, for the package deal of $95.00.)
Due to these having to be shipped separately - s/h would be $25.00 within the USA.

4289-3268) THEATRE MAGAZINE for March 1923. Volume 37, #264.

This is a Large Format magazine (measuring 9 3/4"x12 3/4").

Under the heading of "Special Articles" is one about Houdini:

"The Mystery Man of the Stage"
by Burr C. Cook.

As the magazine states:

"Interesting Close-up of a Famous Magician Who Indulges Other Tastes Than Feats of Strength".

Article touches on:

(a) 1920 Webster’s Dictionary addition with exact listing described. (b) Riveted into a large, hot water boiler in 1907 by the Marine Boiler Works of Toledo, Ohio. (c) The rest of page on Houdini, the book collector. citing examples of: (1) David Garrick’s Original Diary. (2) 1584 edition of Scott’s "The Discouverie of Witchcraft". (3) "Annus Mirabilis" (1666) by Dryden. (4) "Life of Edmund Kean" by Hawkins. (4) "The Memories of the Life of Theophilus Keene" by Richard Savage.

In addition to the article, there’s a nice photo of Houdini which isn’t published very often.

This magazine looks as though it were published yesterday. Outside of a small tear, on the front covers bottom edge, it has good tight covers, clean pages, etc. etc. On a scale of 1-10, it would have to be a 9!! - $75.00 Special price of $60.00 (Sorry, this magazine has sold)


4290-9548) MAGIC MAGAZINE for November 1993.  Volume 3, #3. From cover to cover a total of 76pages.

Articles inside include:

Jay Owenhouse: Magic on the Road. He has created a unique combination of magic and business; a combination which grosses over $1 million annually. Here's how he does it. (cover photo also)

Orson Welles & Casino Royale. David Berglas and Ali Bongo reminisce about the making of the 1967 James Bond spoof, the magic scenes that made it, and those that didn't.

Batman Meets Houdini. A few months ago, we tipped you off to an upcoming D.C. Comic that joined the forces of Harry Houdini and Batman. Well, The Devil's Workshop is out, and it's not for the squeamish or sensitive.

Advertising and Magic. With more and more magic advertising appearing, it seems appropriate to analyze just how good (or bad) magic ads are. We went to the expert, Michael Diliberto, to give us the basics, plus a few examples of how he would do things differently.

Flim-Flam. Our resident scam-man, Bob Farmer, has come up with something that has all the features of "Three Card Monte" and "The Shell Game", but it's much easier to learn and, in some cases, you can even eat the evidence.

Somewhere within these pages, you'll also find my 'first' Full Page color adv. for the Limited Edition Houdini print I offer for sale. That should make you want to buy the magazine PERIOD. Ha!! - $10.00 Special price of $7.00


4291-1648) GENII MAGAZINE for October 1992. Volume 55, #12.

From cover to cover a total of 70pages.

Starts off with "New Zealand Magic From Down Under". Compiled by Alan Watson.  Effects include: Restaurant Cake Production - Mathman's Prophetic Card - Plain Old Fun - Kid Show Bits & Pieces - My Lucky Rabbits - Balloon Animals - Zealando's Ambitious Card - The Hot Video - Chicane's Two Second Coin Load - The Vanishing Shrinking Table Napkin - Comedy Dove From Balloon - Inverto Bottles.

"Magic Section" is next with: Thought Suggestion - Black & White Illusion (illusion plans) - New Jugs For Old - The Body Swap Illusion.

Next is "Featured Articles": Dai Vernon Memoriam - Magicana - Secret Cabaret Live - Under The Banyan Tree - Velvet Mandrake - Fulminations.

Somewhere within these pages, you'll also find my 'first' Full Page color adv. for the Limited Edition Houdini print I offer for sale. That should make you want to buy the magazine PERIOD. Ha!! - $10.00 Special price of $7.00


4292-3579) MAGIC. Vol. 5, #4. October 1995

Nice color portrait of Bess Houdini on the Cover with caption “Bess Houdini, Did the woman behind the legend create the Myth?”. Several articles in this issue by David Charvet. On page 54, a four page article entitled, “Beatrice Houdini”. - On page 58, a six page article entitled, “Edward Saint”. - On page 64, a two page article, “Houdini, the film that perpetuated the Legend”. - And on page 67, a four page article, “‘Bess’ Speaks, Janet Leigh talks about the making of ‘Houdini’”.

A Jammed Packed Issue full of great articles and tons of photo’s (some not published for a long time).

And, can you believe it - there's another adv. for my Houdini Poster!! - $12.50 Special price of $7.00



Written and Published by The Handcuff King, "Oudini".

That's what I said, Oudini.

Houdini had many, out there, who were impersonating his Handcuff Act and this guy even, almost, stole Houdini's name to go along with it.

PaperBound and measures 5"x6 3/4" with 80pages.

1st Edition. 1909

Oudini exposes how to get out of Handcuffs, Iron Box, Iron Broiler, Coffin, Rope Chair, Mail Bag, Band Box, Tramp Chair, Glass Case, Paper Bag, Packing Case -and- Straight Jacket.

Gee, no wonder Houdini didn’t like him!!

Outside of the oxidized stapes, this book is Virtually in Mint Condition. It looks like it was put away in 1909 and just surfaced, 106 Years Later!!

You won't Believe the Great Condition. They generally don’t come this nice.

And in case you didn't know, this is probably the Most Sought After of the Houdini Imitator writings. - $75.00 Special price of $60.00 (Sorry, this booklet has sold)


4294-3188) 8x10 PHOTOGRAPH OF BESS HOUDINI  and EDWARD SAINT at a banquet table. Photo #1.

"Bailey - Mrs. Houdini - Saint" written in pencil on the backside.

Rubber stamped on backside:

Advertising Photography
By The Loomis Studio
707 East Broadway
Glendale Hotel Bldg.
Cltrus 27456 CHapman 52058

I couldn't identify any of the other attendee's of this banquet - maybe you can?!! - $85.00 Special price of $75.00

Quick note from Bev Bergeron, telling me the gentleman four over from Ed Saint,
on the far right hand side wearing glasses is Floyd Thayer. Thanks, Bev!!



4295-4207) 8x10 PHOTOGRAPH OF BESS HOUDINI  and EDWARD SAINT at a banquet table. Photo #2.

"Ed Saint" written in pencil on the backside.

Rubber stamped on backside:

Advertising Photography
By The Loomis Studio
707 East Broadway
Glendale Hotel Bldg.
Cltrus 27456 CHapman 52058

I couldn't identify any of the other attendee's of this banquet - maybe you can?!! - $85.00 Special price of $75.00

Quick note from Bev Bergeron, telling me the gentleman four over from Ed Saint,
on the far right hand side wearing glasses and arms crossed, is Floyd Thayer. Thanks, Bev!!


(Buy both for the combined price of $125.00)


This Full Page article published in the October 1901 issue of MAHATMA Magazine.

Houdini was in Essen, Germany when the Loving Cup was presented to him.

Presented during his farewell performance at the Colloseum Theatre.

The article goes on to describe the evening, Houdini's performance, the over crowding of the audience (for one last look at HOUDINI) - right down to describing specially manufactured handcuffs and leg irons for the Challenge, at the end of the evenings performance.

The Loving Cup was made of silver, stands 35 inches high, weighs 40 pounds, and is all inlaid with the 1900 issue of 3 and 5 Mark silver pieces.

There are over 600 marks, in money, in the cup alone.

GAD, does anybody know whatever happened to this Loving Cup?!!

When HOUDINI was only 27 years old, he was taking Europe by storm.

This article goes into great detail.

HOUDINI would stay overseas, from the summer of 1900, for the next five years, crisscrossing the countries - till he finally returned for engagements in the United States.

Piece has been double matted and shrink wrapped, with form core backing.

The first two photos, below, were taken with my digital camera. They're a little washed out, due to the shrink wrap covering. The third, from my scanner, shows a better quality photo.

Measures 12"x16" - a standard size, so you can buy a nice ready made frame -and- hang on your wall. - $75.00 Special price of $50.00



This "Hand Cut -and- Wood Cut" Print was produced by artist Robert Allen. A great contrast of black with one other color. Print is on "Fine Art Paper" and measures approx. 11"x16".

What’s offered here is called an "Artist Proof". These are what the artist would produce, towards the very end of their work, before making the ‘limited signed and numbered’ prints. Generally, there weren’t very many of these APs produced and certainly fewer than the numbered, limited edition commercially produced.

The Artist Proof print, here, is as MINT as the day it was made 44 YEARs AGO in 1971!!

It is also SIGNED BY THE ARTIST, along the bottom. This reads: "Artist Proof"  - "Robert Allen".

The photo’s, below, show the front side and back side (print bleeding through paper), along with a close up of the work itself and the signing at the bottom. - $45.00 Special price of $35.00



4298-6599) THE JUGGLER

Called "The Juggler, but in Old English, this means MAGICIAN.

This is an AUTHENTIC 132 Year Old photogravure published in 1883 by Gebbie & Co. It is printed on a heavy-weight paper and is blank on the reverse. The print is in very good condition with the image area crisp, with just a little foxing (very little). It is titled in the lower margin.

Image area: 10 3/8"x5" - paper size: 14"x9 1/4"

Accompanying the print is a nice description of the piece. Some of which states:

'The actors, in the lively scene before us, various classes of society and types of mind are presented. The ladies in the foreground exhibit an amused surprise; the humbler woman beside them betrays a more serious wonderment, while the mother on her left appears to sympathize with the alarm of her children. The men in this group are disposed to be jocular over the performance. An old schoolmaster marches by with his scholars; he is absorbed in his book, possibly is seeking light upon the dark arts. Beyond him two philosophers are apparently speculating on the mysteries of mind and matter. Finally, while one of the jugglers amuses the crowd, the other does not forget to solicit their contributions; for even magicians, strange to say, cannot live without money.'

This descriptive page measures approx. 10 1/2"x14 1/2"

Print is closer to the color, of the two bottom close up photos.

Imagine how nice this would look framed and hanging on your wall. - $75.00 Special price of $60.00




Milbourne Christopher even liked this image, so much, he featured it on the content page of his book: "Panorama of Magic". The book isn't included in this offering.



The letter (which shows his New York address)  is dated April 4th, 1945 and is on Hardeen's stationery in which he states he is: 'The Master Illusionist" -and- "Successor to his famous brother HOUDINI".

Hardeen would pass away, only a couple months later, on June 12th.

The letter is to Mr. Otto J. Regling, Hardeen writes:

"Replying to your letter of March 13th, wish to let you know that you can get a swell umbrella trick from Abbott. I have one, but it is not for sale. Have a nice Fish Bowl production from which you can produce a 14" fish bowl and at the same movement produce a large pot of flowers. Price complete with table $35.00. Have a couple foulards of Houdini's at five dollars each. Also a nice small gallows trick. Perhaps some day you may be able to come and see me at my home (by appointment) and then I could show you some of Houdini's belongings. Best wishes, I am Sincerely yours".

And it's signed "Hardeen" with "Theo. Hardeen" typed beneath this.

Letter measures approx. 8 1/2"x11" and while there is some chipping along the edges, none of the printed area is missing.

The letter is framed, along with a great Original photo of Hardeen, seated, wearing a suit, 3/4 face pose.

Photo is stamped: "Proof, Mitchell Galleries, 1500 B'way, NY".

This oversized photo measures approx. 9 3/4"x12 3/4".

There is a vertical crease, in the photo, 1 1/2" from the right border. This only goes through Hardeen's coat jacket, just up from his right wrist.

Letter and photo have been professionally matted with a beautiful museum quality frame. Over all size of the frame is approx. 22 1/2"x31 1/2" - $1,500.00 Special price of $1,250.00 -and- I'll throw in the shipping, for deliveries within the USA. --- Outside the USA, shipping will be 50%off, which will be $100.00USD, instead of $200.00USD.


The next 7 offerings all have to do with:


>>>This 1961 film was a composite feature about the films of the Silent Era, of which one of Houdini’s movies: "The Man From Beyond" was showcased.

Below are various Scarce Items, from this movies release -now- 54 Years Ago.<<<

I've had these for quite awhile and had multiples, so now it's time to drop the prices and move them out.
Individually, they're priced @ $210.00 - Take the LOT for $115.00


1-sheet poster (27"x41"). Houdini’s name in the credits, but no scene from his part of the movie. Excellent to Near Mint in condition. 1-sheet posters are the Most Desirable of poster collecting, due to their excellent size for framing and hanging on the wall. - $20.00



3-Sheet Poster (41"x81"). Comes in two sections. One measures 27"x41" and the other 54"x41". Houdini’s name is in the credits, plus the Niagara Falls scene where Houdini is holding the woman in his arms, while in the water - just after saving her, from going over the Falls. - $45.00



Insert (or Panel) Poster (14"x36"). Along with the movie 1-sheet, this is probably the Second Most Collectible Size. Looking Great when matted and Framed. Houdini’s name in the credits, plus the Niagara Falls scene where Houdini is holding the woman in his arms, while in the water - just after saving her, from going over the Falls. Most posters of this nature come folded, but this one was rolled all these 50+ years and in Great Condition - $45.00



SIX Assorted Movie Lobby Cards

This 1961 film was a composite feature about the films of the Silent Era, of which one of Houdini’s movies: "The Man From Beyond" was showcased.

Almost a full Set of American Movie Lobby Cards.

There were a total of eight Lobby Cards released for this movie, each showing a different Silent Film Star.

What's offered here are six of the eight.

All Lobby Cards measure 11”x14”.

Houdini’s name is shown in the Credits, on the left side, of ALL the Lobby Cards.

Click on the thumbnail photo's, below, for a better view of these Wonderful Lobby Cards. - $7.50each(or take all 6 for $35.00)


Window Card Poster (14"x22"). Houdini’s name in the credits, but no scene from his part of the movie. Most Window Cards come folded, this one isn’t and is in Near Mint Condition. - $15.00



Lobby Card (12 ½"x16 ½") from Mexico.

Houdini's name is in the credits, plus the scene where Houdini is hanging off the edge of a cliff.

Now's there's Saturday afternoon MovieSerial drama for you.

Where else can you buy an Original Houdini Lobby Card for under $2,000?!!
- $15.00




Measures 13"x16 1/2" and contains six Large pages of advertising material, which the theatre's would use to advertise the movie in the Newspapers, etc.

PAGE ONE: the "Synopsis" of the film; what the 40"x60" poster looks like; the 'cast' and 'credits'.

PAGE TWO: an assortment of line drawings and photos to be used in the 'adv. campaign'.

PAGE THREE: an assortment of "teaser ads" and several photos from the movie, with captions beneath each. Of the seven photos, two are of Houdini. (1) "Houdini, The Cliff Hanger", and shows just that - Houdini hanging off a cliff -and- (2) "Saved From Niagara". This photo shows Houdini in the water, with a woman in his arms. As if he'd just saved her.

PAGE FOUR: has several close up photo's of the various stars and more art work from various scenes.

PAGE FIVE: contains various articles, which would be used for "Publicity." One article is on Houdini: "Houdini Thrills Anew In Long Lost Films."

PAGE SIX: shows what the various Posters and Lobby Cards look like.

Outside of being folded in half, this PressBook looks as new as the day it was printed, some 54 years ago - $35.00


4301-7600) The NEW Conjurors' Magazine

Published monthly by Julien J. Proskauer, Edward Dart, etc. and edited by Walter B. Gibson in New York City.

Robert Lund became editor with Volume 4, #10.

Magazines measure approx. 8 1/2"x11".

A shortened version of the "Content" on the covers.

A Complete File consist of 55 issues:
Volume 1, #1 (February 1945) thru Volume 5, #7 (September 1949)

This offering is missing only two issues:
Volume 4, #s 7 and 11.

Volume 1, #1-12 - Complete
February 1945-January 1946

Volume 2, #1-12 - Complete
March 1946-February 1947

Volume 3, #1-12 - Complete
March 1947-February 1948

Volume 4, #1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12
Spanning the dates of March 1948-February 1949

Volume 5, #1,2,3,4,5,6,7(last issue)
March-September 1949

Houdini's brother, Hardeen, helped get this magazine launched, but he passed away shortly after the magazine started.

This file includes the Hardeen memorial issue, which in years past, I've seen sell on Ebay, just by itself, for $50.00 and higher.

From V4N12 thru V5N7, there were Wonderful drawings, on the cover, by Ed Mishell:

Alexander Herrmann
T. Nelson Downs
Henry Ridgely Evans
Imro Fox
The Martinka's
Robert Houdin
Chung Ling Soo
Felix Horim's "Cloak of Invisibility".

One price for all these magazines - $250.00 Special price of $175.00 (Sorry, these magazines have sold)


4302-8945) CHAOS Magazine, The Official publication of the I.B.M. Ring 40

Issues: 18,24,29,30a,30b,34a,34b,36

Known as the “Drinking Ring” of Winnipeg, Canada, in association with The Rounders Of The Night Table.

The material within ' some' of these issues are, shall we say: Xrated, fifthly, dirty, raunchy, grotesque.

In other words, in GREAT DEMAND by those magazine collectors out there in CollectorLand.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a occasional good article and magic trick to shock your fellow magicians with.

As Sid Lorraine put it in the NEW TOPS February 1971 issue:

“Just saw my first couple copies of CHAOS, the official journal of Winnipeg’s Ring 40 Magic Club...known as The Drinking Ring. This bunch of western souserers, from all reports, whoop it up plenty at their meetings and a lot of good magic is washed down with suds. Their magazine is the zaniest I’ve seen and among the wild nutty notes one can actually find a lot of good magic. It is refreshing to find a group that do not take themselves too seriously, but have fun. Unfortunately, you can’t subscribe to this publication, it is for club members only.”

For the most part, the issues have to come from a collection of a member or contributor from back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Later on, subscriptions were sold, so this would explain why you don’t see too many of the early issues offered.

Some issues came with Supplements and some didn't.
Price of each issue:
$15.00each -or- 3 or more: $12.50each  Special price of $7.50each

18) 24) 29) 30a)

30b) 34a) 34b) 36)

Please CLICK HERE to see the full descriptions for all 8 CHAOS Issues.


A limited edition (and numbered) plate produced in 1999 by the Bradford Exchange. Measuring 7" across, "Magician Mickey" is a combination of hand painted cold cast resin and fine hard fired porcelain.

Bringing together the intricacy of sculpture, the vividness of hard-fired porcelain and the eternal charisma of Mickey Mouse, this charming collector's plate honors the 70th anniversary (1928 -1998) of one of the most popular animated stars of all time. Against a background inspired by animators' model sheets stands a wonderfully dimensional, hand-painted figure of Mickey Mouse.

As can be seen from the photo below, Mickey, in full tux, has a fan of cards streaming from his waist high held left hand, to his head high held right hand. The cards continue, from there, along the right side boarder of the plate. On the left side boarder, of the plate, is a rabbit and wand. In the bowl of the plate are four different drawings of Mickey.

Comes with original shipping box and COA - $75.00 Special price of $65.00

LayAway is available, just email for details.



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