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This WebSite will be devoted to items I currently have for sale. While most Collectible Dealers Occasionally have a Houdini item or two, we here at SASC Specialize in Houdini Material and have done so for 21+ years.

Not to mention having been in magic since 1963!!

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These two, Limited Edition, plates don't have anything to do with Magic, but were part of a three plate package, I purchased, in order to get the magician plate. The owner wouldn't break up the set, so here are the other two plates, just incase one of you collect Mickey plates, too.

They are part of the Mickey and Minnie Through The Years series, produced by The Bradford Exchange, twenty years ago, in 1994.

Both plates are as new as the day they were made.

The first plate is titled: "The Brave Little Taylor" -and the second- "Mickey's Birthday Party".

The plate diameters are each 7 1/2". - $15.00each -or the pair for: $25.00




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4105-5877) ORIGINAL BINDERs For The STARs of MAGIC Series

If you've been collecting the single issues of STARs of MAGIC, then this is for you.

Two ORIGINAL binders, one red and one black, which could have been ordered along with the SOMs.

When opened and the thick covers bent back, the inside metal clamp opens - then you side in your issues. Once in place, release the tension, on the covers, and the issues are held in place.

These binder would have been for those SOMs issued in the 1940s and 1950s.

Four binders are available, three Red and one Black. - $25.00each
Shipping FREE within the USA.
For the rest of the World - please email for the quoted price for your country.)

    These two are available

    These two have sold


For what was billed as the MID CENTURY CONVENTION in New York, the SAM and IBM got together and had this stamp created IN MEMORIAM of the 25th anniversary of Houdini’s passing.

Measuring a little over 1 1/2”x2” (larger than our postage stamps of today), it has purple lettering and drawings of Houdini, set against an off-white background.

Now 63 years old itself, this stamp offering is in Great Condition. - $15.00

4107-5599) AMERICAN HERITAGE Magazine. April 1972. Volume 13, #3.

This magazine comes HardBound, instead of paperbound like most magazines.

Contains: "Houdini's High-Flying Hoax" by Art Ronnie.

A wonderful article about the airplanes which collided, during the filming of Houdini's 1919 movie: "The Grim Game".

A full six photos, in this article -plus- great reading on what was almost tragic, but turned out to be the best thing for the movie.

Houdini offered a Huge Reward to anyone who could prove this scene, in the movie, was not for real.

Since it DID Happen, this was a pretty safe bet and smart of Houdini to capitalize on the publicity, of the almost fatal stunt. - $15.00


REMEMBER, all photos are Thumbnails - click on the photo to bring up the LARGER photo.

4108-7733) QUICKER THAN THE EYE by John Mulholland

The Magic and Magicians of the World.

Copyright 1932 and published by The Bobbs-Merrill Company of Indianapolis.

Stated First Edition

HardBound with 259pages.

ExLibrary with some damage to spine edges, see photos below. All  the pages inside are just fine, even though some have some writing on them.

Baker Jr. Studio of Magic handwritten on the inside front cover and rubber stamped a few places inside.

On the signature page are interesting handwritten comments, in pencil, about rabbits being born. Go figure?!!

And, for what it's worth - there's an old playing card, the Jack of Spades, which might have been used as a bookmarker. The card advertises Royal Crown Cola.

As John Mulholland Puts It:

This is a book about entertainers. No mention has been made of Cagliostro or any of the other great pretenders to supernormal power. I have discussed fortunetellers only because they have been defrauding the public. Rather than to take the covers off their magic boxes, I have tried to take you back-stage to know the makers of minor miracles. They are a fine people, and I hope you like them.

The content page was so detailed, I have reproduced it, below, for ease in reading.

Book measures approx. 6"x8 3/8". - $45.00





Did you, or a family member, attend any of these conventions? Did you receive one of these panoramic photographs and/or programs, they've been lost for years and you've ALWAYs wanted to replace it? Well, here's your chance!!!

Where you see a split in photo, this is caused by either myself trying to match up multi-photos or by the photographer matching up the sections. For a better look at each photo, please click on the 'Thumbnail' photos to see the larger.

4109-1652) 50th Annual S0CIETY OF AMERICAN MAGICIANs Convention Program and Panoramic photo from May 30th thru June 1st 1952 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Some of those performing/attending the convention (and may be in the photo) include:

Frances Ireland - Long Tack Sam - Bert Allerton - Slydini - Dr. Jaks - Silent Mora - Chan Canasta - Herman Hanson - Jay Marshall - Lou Tannen - Gene Gordon - Betty and Tommy Tucker - Dagmar - Stanley from London - Manny Williams

Those I did find include: Milbourne Christopher - Ace Gorham - John Scarne - Harlan Tarbell

Photo (29 1/4"x10") has been shrink wrapped onto a piece of foam core.

Program measures 8 1/2"x10 3/4" with 33pages.
(There are handwritten notes in the program, a newspaper clipping about the convention, and an envelope (with convention registration form and advertising flyer) from Herman Hanson to Dr. I. D. Hosman, so I'm guessing this was his program)

Photo is $75.00 - The Program is $45.00 -or- Take both for $100.00


4110-3544) 21st Annual INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANs Convention Program and Panoramic photo from May 30th thru June 2nd 1949. Held in Chicago, Illinois.

Some of those performing/attending the convention (and may be in the photo) include:

Tony Slydini - Jack Gwynne - Dorny - H. Adrian Smith - Eugene Bernstein - Clarke C. Crandall - Joe Berg - Theo. (Okito) Bamberg - Sam Berland - Arthur H. Buckley - Bert Allerton - Paul le Paul.

Those I did find, include Tony Slydini and Jack Gwynne.

Program measures 6"x8 3/4" with 84pages.

Photo (20"x12") has been shrink wrapped onto a piece of foam core.

Photo is $75.00 - The Program is $45.00 -or- Take both for $100.00


4111-4587) One last Panoramic Photo from the:


Berkley Carteret Hotel, September 29th, 1956.

Sorry to say, the only one I recognize is Ace Gorham. Maybe someone, who was in attendance or from the east coast, might find more faces and can email them to me.

Photo (20"x10") has been shrink wrapped onto a piece of foam core. - $50.00

4112-3287) CHANDU The Magician LP Record

A George Garabedian Production.

Original radio broadcasts numbers 1 and 2.

As can be seen from the photos, the LP and cover are in excellent condition. The specs, on the LP, appear to be only a little dust.

Released, 40years ago, by Mark56 Records back in 1974. - $15.00



London, George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, 1909.

Contains a two page Addenda and Corrigenda to the writings of Mr. H. Evans, by the author, just before the contents page in front.

There are five pages listing the approximately 225 illustrations.

The first part of this book: THE UNMASKING OF ROBERT-HOUDIN

333 pages which includes a full index.

Contents include:

The Significant Events in the Life of Robert-Houdin; The Orange-Tree Trick; The Writing and Drawing Figure; The Pastry Cook of the Palais Royal; The Obedient Cards---The Cabalistic Clock---The Trapeze Automation; The Inexhaustible Bottle; Second Sight; The Suspension Trick; The Disappearing Handkerchief; Robert-Houdin’s Ignorance of Magic as Betrayed By His Own Pen; The Narrowness of Robert-Houdin’s "Memoirs".

The second part of this book "HANDCUFF SECRETs" begins with a preface by Harry Houdini.

Contents include:

Introduction: Opening Sealed Handcuffs; Blunders of Some Handcuff Exposers; Fake or Spoof Manacle; American Manacles; French Letter Cuff; Lock Pickers; Safe-Opening Micrometer; Skeleton Keys; Cologne Police Sued for Libel; More Lock Picking Implements; Strait-Jacket Release; Method of Escape; Historical Lock Picking Contests with James Sargent as the Centre Figure; Handcuffs and Their Keys.

This includes approximately 50 illustrations and a total of 110 pages.

Please refer to all photos, below, and email any questions you might have.

Chestnut brown cloth pictorial hardcover with gold gilt titles on front and on spine, heavy stock paper. The spine has a cameo bust of Houdin.

Covers are frayed, mainly at the top of the spine. Black stain at the bottom tip of some pages, but this is contained to the pages edges and doesn't bleed to the inside the book. Some foxing. The binding is nice and tight.

For some reason, the three photos, below, of the book itself, appear to have two different colors. The book is closer to the first photo, which shows the front cover.

This is an Extremely Scarce book.

On the rare occasion I've had this title, it sold quickly for $650.00. There's a seller on Ebay listing a similar book, from time to time. Their book is in better condition, and the price is $750.00.

Since our book has a few issues, we will price it accordingly. - $400.00




From the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame and the Houdini-Hardeen Collection.

All Professionally framed and matted, with reproduction portrait of Houdini -and- Certificate of Authenticity signed by Henry Muller, Owner and Curator, Houdini Magical Hall of Fame -and- Sidney Radner, Honorary Curator, Houdini Historical Centre.

This offering was part of the 1999 Butterfield and Butterfield auction, in Los Angeles, on November 15, 1999.

I will include the auction catalogue.

Unfortunately, some of the descriptions in the catalogue were pretty vague, so it's hard to know exactly which auction lot this framed piece is.


The catalogue list 465 auctions lots with 150+ COLOR photo illustrations.

SoftBound with 67pages.

Prices Realized sheet included.

The catalogue measures approx. 8 1/2"x11".
To help in identifying these Lock Picks and Keys,  I asked the help of two different people, who are (in their own right) Magician's, Houdini experts and Locksmiths  - one from Canada and one from England.

Their opinions are as follows.

The first three, in the same row:
Left) Yale pin tumbler padlock key blank
Middle) Yale pin tumbler jail cell key
Right) Maltby flat key handcuffs

Below the first three:
1) Key blank for double bitted warded or lever locks, likely padlocks
2) Trunk key

Each is flat and varies in shape and size.

Another set (different keys/lock picks of only four) sold at the Potter & Potter "Cardini, The Suave Deceiver" sale - back on April 6th, 2013.

Selling price: $2,200.00, plus $440 in buyer's premium.

Overall frame measures approx. 23"x13 1/2".

If you missed P&P auction or were one of the runner up bidders, here's your second chance. - $2,500.00



Have any idea what this is from? For those of you who like beer, you're probably familiar with the beer 'badges' located on the LONG handle, the bartender would pull to pour you a nice, cold draft. Same thing here, except it's for a local beer in England to honor the Houdini beer challenge.

It's states:

"HOUDINI Commemorative Ale brewed to the special ale recipe that beat Houdini on the 18th February 1911, when the renowned escapologist failed in his attempt to escape from a barrel of Joshua Tetley's Ale. Beat That..."

This measures 4 3/4"x6 3/4" and is very colorful.

This came directly from England!! - $25.00


The photo measures approx. 7 5/8"x9 1/2".

On the backside: "1937-9" written in pencil -and- "Photo by G. E. Baxter" written in ink.

Those I've been able to identify, on the front row are:

Edward Saint, Jacob Hyman (the original Brother's Houdini partner of Harry Houdini), Bess Houdini, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Walker.

Mr. and Mrs. Walker owned the house at 2435 Laurel Canyon, where Harry and Bess Houdini lived in 1919, while Houdini was making motion pictures.

Then Bess and Ed Saint lived in the house, for a while, in the 1930s.

Some of the others in the photo are:

Gerald Kosky, Caryl Fleming. L.O. Gunn, Vic and Carolyn Trask, Lyda Hyman.

Great fun photo, full of Houdiniana history from 76 years ago. - $100.00


4117-4538) HOUDINI Advertising Flyer From 1913 Apollo Theatre in Nuremberg

Houdini's mother passed away on July 17th, 1913.

For the whole month of August, Houdini visited his Mother's grave, till he sailed on August 30th from New York City on the Hamburg-American line "Imperator".

On September 16th, Houdini opened at the Apollo Theatre, in Nuremberg, Germany, opening the show with his needle swallowing act - and closing with his famous Water Torture Cell illusion, which he had just debuted a year earlier, during his performances at the Circus Busch theatre in Berlin.

As a publicity stunt on Thursday, September 18th, Houdini would have himself placed in shackles, handcuffs and chains, then jump into the Dutzendteich river.

What's offered here is an advertising flyer for Houdini appearance at the Apollo Theatre in Nuremberg.

This measures 6 5/8"x9" and is shown below.

Portions of the right edge are missing and is a little hard to see in the photo below, since I scanned the image with a black background. Look closely and you'll be able to see.

And, of course, "" doesn't appear on the actual item.

The flyer is in German, below is the translation.

The flyer states:

Harry Houdini offers a 5000 Mark reward to anyone who proves that he receives air in the Underwater Escape cabinet.

The trick that Houdini performs every evening in the Apollo Theater is awesome. In order to prove this, Harry Houdini will try to escape openly under water.

On Thursday, the 18th of September, in the afternoon between 4 and 5 o'clock, the American Houdini will jump off a boat (into the water), after he has been locked into heavy shackles, handcuffs and chains, by the public and representatives of the local press -- Not into the Pegnitz, which is not deep enough, but into the Dutzendteich, at the deepest point.

The chains alone are so heavy that Harry Houdini must sink to the bottom because of the weight.

Comes with a quality reproduction 8x10 (not computer print out) photo of HOUDINI, upside down, inside the Water Torture Cell.

The two would look GREAT framed with each other!!

A great early piece of advertising for Houdini and his "Underwater Escape Cabinet". - $750.00



THE FARM JOURNAL Magazine for November 1926. Volume 50, #11.

The magazine measures approx. 8 1/4"x12".

The Cover has a Wonderful 'Magic theme' by Walter Beach Humphrey.

A Magician in full tux, holding a magic wand in his left hand. His right hand holding a rabbit by its ears - as if having just produced it from the farm boy's hat. The boy is holding the hat between his two hands and his face has a look of 'wonder' as to how the Magician just performed this miracle. On top of the Magician's table an empty glass, a couple balls and a top hat with silks draped over the hat's edge. On the floor are playing cards scattered about.

Some discoloration at the top, some page folding at lower right corner, but the overall appearance is actually pretty good. Please refer to the photo, below, for better detail.

Great period piece from the 1920s. - $35.00


COLLIERs Magazine - May 20, 1939

Great cover of a magician, on stage, levitating his assistant - and - reading his magic book "Magic Self Taught, Lesson 2" - as if he has come this far and doesn't know how to proceed.

Small paper loss along the top edge of the front cover.

Like the offering just above, another great period piece, this time from the 1930s. - $35.00 (Sorry, this magazine has sold)

LayAway is available, just email for details.



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